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Videos > Us Vs Them Online Store Opens

Us Vs Them Online Store Opens

Often times the most powerful messages are not explicitly spoken but rather seen in action. While it certainly isn't a new idea for a company to set a commercial to music and let the actions, clothing, and props of the actors do the talking rather than the actors themselves, it still warrants a shout out when it's done really well. Us Vs Them captured a very fresh and revolutionary feel in a recent video promoting the opening of their online store.

The video features the song Departure by Crystal Stilts and shows a group of skateboarders exploring a new area. The entire time they're walking around, checking everything out they're wearing Us vs Them clothing. Eventually they make their way to a half-pipe and decide to customize it. The skateboarders paint the message "Know Your Rights" across the half-pipe then proceed to do a few more turns. Finally as the video closes the music stops, the screen goes black, and the text "ONLINE STORE NOW OPEN" flashes across the screen with the usversusthem.com website. Simple enough. If you enjoyed the video then you will check out the online store.

It was also extremely appropriate to feature skateboarders, complete with counter-culture ideals, in the video since the brand's name is Us Versus Them. The company's clothing is perfect for that target audience and for the attire in the video. The song is also a great fit and certainly good enough to listen to even without the video. All in all, Us Versus Them gave us an extremely well put together and well executed promotional video. It even accomplished the difficult task of making advertising and consumerism seem fresh and hip. Great job, Us Versus Them!