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Videos > Threadless and Flatfoot56 Warehouse Concert

Threadless and Flatfoot56 Warehouse Concert

Recently we came across Threadless TV. Threadless TV is the regularly updated video section of the Threadless site. It features cool t-shirt related news and events. The first video we checked out was "Threadless Warehouse Sessions with Flatfoot56."

The video opens with a fast past Flatfoot56 song playing as a box is quickly loaded with t-shirts. Next the video cuts to the Flatfoot56 band where it is revealed that they have just finished playing for the Threadless warehouse crew in Chicago, IL. The band is pleased about being at the warehouse and even reveal some unconfirmed exciting top secret information about Threadless' plans to make some pretty cool additions to the warehouse such as adding a halfpipe and mural.

Flatfoot56 began in 2000 and consists of three brothers, plus two more band members who pretty much rock! Among other things Flatfoot56 reveals that their most unusal touring experience as a band was the time they played for a large youth group in Jacksonville, FL. The band was expecting teenagers to walk in, but instead were surprised to discover that the performance was actually for a few hundred six to eight year olds.

The next segment of the video consists of Threadless warehouse employee Cole Blotcky and his pick for best tee of the month for December. Cole had previously designed the t-shirt "Rabbit Valley" which was printed in 2010. Cole's choice for Best tee of the month went to "Horror Toon" by Sean Husbands. Cole indicated that he appreciates "Horror Toon" for its cool cartoon character and overall style.

Don't forget to check out the Flatfoot56 website to learn more about this cool band. Also check out Sean Husband's Threadless page and be sure to send him some votes! We can't wait to see what the next installment of Threadless TV will bring.