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Videos > Threadless Mural Painting

Threadless Mural Painting

One of the most expressive forms of art is definitely the mural. Whether it's done by a first time novice or commissioned to be done by an expert the mural is a form that lends itself to larger than life expression and detail. It shouldn't come as any surprise then that the t-shirt company Threadless would be interested in murals and have them done for their facility.

Recently we got a great inside look on this mural painting courtesy of Threadless Tee-V. The first video we watched "This is kinda sad to watch but at least new art took its place" features a video of an artist starting with painted murals, broken up into eight sections, and painting over them with white paint. The video doesn't have any lines and while the artists primes the mural panels for their next depiction music plays. The video is sped up and there's a brief intermission, featuring a cute dog, so that the viewer doesn't have to literally sit and watch the paint dry.

The next video "Some Mural Painting Action!" takes the viewer to the next step as the artist works on the new rendering. The mural segment he's working on features a skateboarding mummy with some excellent detail and style. After the video is over it's only natural for viewers to wonder how the finished mural came out. Well wonder no more we got to take a look at it on the Flickr page. It features some really familiar, awesome Threadless characters in the trademark threadless style!

All in all it was a very cool video segment and we're grateful for the inside look! It is sad that Threadless isn't able to keep all the old murals but at least they've been documented and at least we can always count on another cool new mural to take the last one's place!