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Videos > Linty Fresh Cribs Edition

Linty Fresh Cribs Edition

The video begins with a montage of Linty Fresh products and then Eric welcomes us to the Linty Fresh headquarters. He then tells us that he came up with the concept of this Cribs style video to dispel the notion that Linty Fresh is a big organization when in fact it is only him in a modestly sized home.

First we're treated to a structurally sound 3D wall of Linty Fresh boxes along with a demonstration of its structural integrity as Eric pulls a box from the middle without causing an avalanche of boxes.

Next Eric goes on to show us other items of interest such as a tiny Gameboy magnet the size of his thumb as well as a bulletin board filled with various objects like Button packs from Emptees and Wotto, ticket stubs, a Weezer CD, and even a giant paperclip which was originally meant to be the logo of Linty Fresh.

The video concludes with a tour of the "warehouse," a small, well-organized room with three shelves where the Linty Fresh shirts, belts, buttons, and mailers are kept. Eric also shares with us an interesting statistic, that Linty Fresh only sells about one girls' shirt for every twelve guys' shirts. Don't miss this great video!