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Videos > LadyUmbrella Video Showing Idea to Print

LadyUmbrella Video Showing Their Idea to Print

Recently we came across a wonderful video on YouTube from the creators of the t-shirt brand LadyUmbrella, called LadyUmbrella comes to life. LadyUmbrella hits include such shirts as "LadyUmbrella is Away with the Birds" and "What Came First - The Chicken Or The Umbrella."

In the video Rob and Elena of LadyUmbrella tell the story of how Elena came to first be inspired to create LadyUmbrella. A native of Spain, Elena began seriously pondering umbrellas after leaving sunny Madrid for rainy Ireland.

LadyUmbrella herself is the figure of a woman with an umbrella shaped head and the t-shirts usually features some other memorable characters, often birds. During the video Elena shows the viewers how her Illustrator sketches of clouds, birds, and cages, eventually come to be t-shirts such as "LadyUmbrella is Away with the Birds." Elena also reveals some of the challenges she's faced in her creations, such as doing realistic eyes.

Rob and Elena operate from the paradigm of fashion as art and they are eager to share the art and fun with everyone. As Rob points out, everyone who orders a LadyUmbrella t-shirt will receive a complimentary button.

Since releasing the YouTube video, How LadyUmbrella Comes to Life, LadyUmbrella has expanded their line even further to include more great shirts, and now there's even a notebook and a tote bag. LadyUmbrella even features worldwide free shipping!

Don't miss LadyUmbrella's other fascinating videos, also available on YouTube. LadyUmbrella is a great example of modern marketing and the potential outreach capabilities of user made internet videos!