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Videos > I AM THE TREND Video Review of Paperheart and Yema Yema

I AM THE TREND Video Review of Paperheart and Yema Yema

Recently Adam from I Am The Trend TV reviewed two up and coming t-shirt companies: Yema Yema and Paperheart Clothing. I Am The Trend TV does t-shirt reviews on a recurring basis and they look for four things to evaluate the quality of the t-shirt company: Packaging, Price, Printing, and Presentation. The first company Adam reviewed was Yema Yema.

In the Packaging category Adam gave Yema Yema a C rating, which is average, for their standard, cardboard mailing envelope and the sticker they added to the front of the mailer. Also included in the envelop was a small Thank You card as well as a couple of buttons as freebies. For Presentation Yema Yema received a B. The t-shirt itself is printed on an American Apparel Raglan Tee and Adam is sure to point out how sharp and clean the print is as well as how soft it feels to the touch. This combined with the custom printed inside tag resulted in a solid A rating for printing, resulting in this $20 shirt receiving another solid A rating for price. Overall Adam gave Yema Yema a B+ average.

Next up was Paperheart Clothing. As a side note Adam mentions that he himself had thought of beginning a t-shirt company and calling it Paperheart. For Packaging Adam gave Paperheart Clothing a B- while commenting on how nice it was that the Paperheart logo was printed on the outside of the envelop. Included with the shirt were promo pictures of the shirt printed on actual photo paper. The t-shirt itself is printed well; however, the red shirt is slightly visible below the black sailboat and Adams comments that the design itself seems pretty common and has an overall "stock" feel to it. For Presentation Paperheart received a B- and for Printing a B+. That gave this $20 shirt an A on price for an overall B average.

Adam with I Am The Trend TV did a terrific job with these informative, thorough reviews. We can't wait to see the next one!