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Videos > I Am The Trend Reviews New York Illustration and Monster Mash T-Shirt Lines

I Am The Trend Reviews New York Illustration and Monster Mash T-Shirt Lines

Adam from I Am The Trend recently reviewed two pretty interesting brands, New York Illustration and Monster Mash, for the I Am The Trend TV regular feature. As always Adam tackled the task of reviewing these two brands by examining the 4 P’s: Printing, Price, Presentation, and Packaging. This was the final I Am The Trend TV video for 2010, but not to worry, it looks like there are many more to come for 2011.

First up was New York Illustration, a New York based company which has an eco-friendly ethos. The shirt arrived in a pretty basic looking paper mailer; however, Adam reveals that after some poking around he discovered that the mailer is made out of recycled materials. This green focus continues inside the mailer where Adam reveals a biodegradable plastic t-shirt bag which was used to package the shirt. Since these environmentally focused efforts fit nicely with New York Illustration’s branding and general attitude Adam gave a B+ to this company who even go so far as to make their own screen printing screens out of recycled materials. Next Adam examined the print itself which he said was very soft and is printed on American Apparel tees. The print features a very large size monkey on the front in black in, with the New York Illustration logo printed in yellow ink on the upper back. While Adam said that he personally wasn’t a fan of doing the printed logo on the back he gave the printing an A. The shirts are priced at $22 each which is a good value for a limited edition tee on the American Apparel so that also received an A. Since everything ties in so nicely with the company branding of being earth oriented, including the monkey design itself, Adam gave New York Illustration an A+ in presentation for an overall grade of A.

Next he turned his attention to Monster Mash. The Monster Mash shirt arrived in an actual box with the shirt neatly wrapped in tissue paper inside. Since this wasn’t an extremely creative packaging method, but still showed professionalism and effort Adam gave Monster Mash a B for packaging. He also pointed out that having the shirts sent in a box rather than a bag is a nice touch which doesn’t add that much in shipping costs. For the design itself, the shirt is a fairly basic shirt that isn’t ultra soft but is acceptable. The print is a very large size black and white photograph done poster style which Adam said is slightly stiff. As he points out since it’s such a big print it’s important for it to be soft so printing received a B. The price is only $20 so that received a B+. For the presentation Adam said that he isn’t a fan of the poster style printing in general and felt that the black shirt isn’t as good a color choice as the white shirt, both of which Monster Mash offers. Overall Monster Mash received a B for Presentation for an average of a B.

It’s always fun to go through the shirts like this with I Am The Trend TV so check out this video for yourself. We can’t wait to see what cool brands and interesting posts 2011 brings for I Am The Trend TV!