How To Zombify A T-Shirt Design

It seems like everywhere you turn right now you can see a zombie style t-shirt design. You wouldn't see them so often if they weren't selling like hotcakes. The zombie design can be used in so many different ways and create a cool look based on the undead. There are so many different ways to accomplish the zombie look but if you look at the finished artwork, you have to wonder how the image first looked.

This video of speed inking is brought to us by Shalimar Luis and it is a great example of taking a photograph and turning it into a zombie illustration. It should provide you a great foundation on how to take a regular image and know what places to tweak and trace to zombify a design.

I love watching and posting videos like this because we get to see the process from beginning to end and start to understand what the artist was thinking as he goes through the design. This kind of insight is a great resource for those just starting out or those learning this new style. Enjoy the videos you watch it turn from an animated expression into a true animation.

You should be able to start zombifying everything in sight after you watch this video.