How To Separate Spot Colors for T-Shirt Printing

This video should be the definitive guide on separating spot colors in Photoshop. Jimmy Heartcore takes the time to show us each step in the process. He simplifies what usually would be considered a difficult series of painstaking steps in preparation of getting the artwork ready for print. Once the t-shirt design has been separated, it can go straight to film and finally to screens.

The design Jimmy works with is a pretty cool one making his skills even more apparent. Seeing how good the design is makes the video that much more appealing.

Spot Color Separations In Photoshop from Jimmy Heartcore on Vimeo.

The timeless art of separating colors for screen printing is very difficult and can make or break what the final print looks like. Some designs are harder than others to separate but if you understand the overall concept, then you can probably labor your way through the separations.

There is software available that can help but we prefer the manual process for two reasons. The first being that we are old school. We don't want one single job to be incorrect and if it is, we would rather blame ourselves than taking the easy way out with some automated software with inconsistencies. The other reason is that we can take more time with the design and be sure that the separations are as tight and accurate as possible.