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Videos > Coty Gonzales Video - Modus Collection and Dr. Hazmat

Coty Gonzales Video - Modus Collection and Dr. Hazmat

Recently Coty Gonzales did an installment of his popular Co-Tee TV feature that reviewed the Dr. Hazmat shirt M.A.C. as well as the clothing company Modus Collection. In the video Coty tries on both shirts and gives us a scoop. He also provides us with some interesting personal information to let viewers know why he hasn’t been posting videos as frequently recently.

As the video starts Coty is wearing the Dr. Hazmat shirt, which is printed on the Eggplant Purple American Apparel Tee. M.A.C. is the third shirt from the popular Dr. Hazmat line featuring the Multi-purpose Alternative Cyborg or M.A.C. The design was created by Derek Deal and is still available in size XL and XXL but is selling out fast. The M.A.C. design itself is printed in five ink colors, two shades of blue, black, white, and gold. It is a very large oversize design which takes up the majority of the shirt and it features a screen printed inner tag. The screen print itself is also very soft. Only a limited number of shirts were printed so act quickly to snag one. They sell for $25.

After reviewing the Dr. Hazmat shirt Coty turns his attention to the Modus Collection t-shirt. Modus Collection is based out of New Hampshire and features chess related t-shirts. The one Coty reviews is called “Knight” which features a black print of headphones with a white knight printed on a red 50/50 blend t-shirt. Knight is from Modus Collection’s first collection the fall 2010 line; it is also the only red colored shirt Modus Collection offers. Like the Dr. Hazmat shirt this one also features an inner screen printed tag with an ultra soft print. Modus Collection even includes their website address and the washing instructions on the tag. There is also a sewn on tag on the bottom left hem of the shirt with the Modus Collection logo. All in all this is a very cool shirt from Modus Collection whose mission statement is to provide wearers with a means of self-expression through their fun and unique designs.

Coty also briefly explains that he hasn’t been around to post as many episodes of Co-Tee TV because he had been practicing for an important presentation he had for his Ph.D. program. As part of a superstition related to this important event he has also been avoiding cutting his hair. The good news is he passed that section and has his final evaluation toward the beginning of this year. Let’s wish him the best of luck as he prepares!