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Videos > Co-Tee TV Episode 82

Co-Tee TV Episode 82

One of the most prolific T-shirt bloggers around, Coty Gonzales has a great new release on his Co Tee TV Video Blog called Mystery Tees, MightTees and Geordi La Forge.

In this video Coty shows us the three surprise tees he got through Threadless' Halloween feature Trick or Tee. The way Trick or Tee worked was during October Threadless would sell an unknown shirt for $5. The feature is still going on as the Mystery Tee, so it's not too late to nab a couple of surprises.

Coty got three Mystery Tees, Children of the QWERTY by Tan Nuyen, Clouds within the Thunder by Joe Van Wetering, and the most exciting one, Cut Loose by Glenn Jones and Ross Ziets. What makes Cut Loose so cool is that it was originally designed for the grand opening of Threadless' Chicago store in 2007 and isn't even offered online. Check out the video to see these great shirts.

Next up Coty reviewed a couple of Might Tees shirts that he had ordered, Make it So, featuring Star Trek's Captain Picard and WWGLFD (What Would Geordi La Forge Do?) featuring Geordi La Forge. Coty also gave us a walk down memory lane with a brief musical interlude of the iconic Reading Rainbow by LeVar Burton - who played Geordi La Forge.

Regarding the shirts themselves, Coty points out that they are high quality tagless, organic tees with super soft screen printing. These are limited edition shirts so act quickly if you would like one.

To close out the vlog Coty reviewed one other Might Tees shirt, the Retro Mac inspired MILF (Mac I'd Like to Friend) which was released in conjunction with Cult of Mac for $22.99. Check out Coty's vlog now and be sure to comment!