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Why We Are Doing This

You Design It loves all things t-shirt related. We really do look forward to getting up in the morning and cruising the internet for the latest t-shirt news, resources and upcoming brands. Our regular stomping grounds include Emptees, other t-shirt blogs, t-shirt forums and independent t-shirt lines. Naturally, when we see something we like where others are working hard to create and produce, then we feel inclined to share it. We want others to see your hard work and appreciate it as much as we do.

The internet to us all about the creation and consumption of content. Our intention is to help with that on both sides. We want to create new t-shirt related content that is of interest and value to you as well as help consume information provided by others. We want to aggressively add to the t-shirt landscape on the internet any way that we can.

One of the ways that You Design It can do this is by creating a central hub where people can go to find information about all of their t-shirt related questions. It’s our hope that the information found here is so good that you will share it with your friends and family. Why? Because, the people we spotlight in our articles are the people whom we like and whose work we admire. We want their hard work to reach as many people as possible because we know that they deserve it.

You Design It also wants to empower t-shirt buyers with as much knowledge as possible. We think it's great for people to research the brands that they're considering buying and we want to make that process as easy as possible for them by providing concise, informative articles. We hope you'll agree that t-shirts and great design is the kind of thing which is best when shared!

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