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Vaughn de Heart Clothing

Vaughn de Heart is a t-shirt company that is on a mission for courage. Founder RoyLyn Le'Vaughan Palmer-Coleman, decided to turn his childhood bad taste around and got passionate about good fashion design. By the time he was in college he was designing the t-shirts for Omicron Pi Sigma, the fraternity for which he served as president his senior year. His shirts, those and others he designed often received compliments and one of their most compelling drawing points was their simplicity.

Still, Vaughan didn't have the courage to begin his own brand with the odds seemingly stacked against him. That is until fate intervened and he came face to face with someone in a completely different state who had bought one of his old fraternity t-shirts. Now the odds seemed much more in his favor and so he began his experiment in courage.

Vaughn de Heart's signature style is definitely simplicity. The online store sells a variety of high quality items including Cardigans, zip up hoodies, pullover hoodies, henleys, thermals, tanks, and of course t-shirts! Most designs consist of a black garment with white print, although there are several white items with black print and even a couple of blue shirts. In nearly all cases though the design consists entirely of letters or numbers. The apparel itself often follows a name format such as "La Magnifique" + item. For example "La Magnifique Henley" or "La Magnifique Thermal."

The product shots are also taken with an eye toward simplicity. Each short is done against a white, gray, or black background with only the item and some type of hanging equipment present in the photograph. Similarly the site design itself features this same elegance in simplicity approach with all the pages in white with black trim.

Simplicity and Courage are definitely the best words to describe the Vaughn de Heart company. If these sound like ideals you can get behind don't miss these shirts. You can also Tweet or Facebook about Vaughn de Heart or join its mailing list.

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