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Sistine, a progressive streetwear lifestyle company, is a clothing company based in New York that strives to combine streetwear with all it's rawness and power with regular everyday casualwear. They operate under the philosophy of "don't settle" and encourage the mantra of following your heart.

The Sistine website is very impressive and I spent several minutes just looking at the cool layout and features before I even got down to looking at the shirts themsleves. The shirts themselves though definitely rock and it's quite apparent that Sistine put a lot of time and care into make a great layout for a terrific line.

Sistine Genesis


“Genesis” features a human hand touching a robotic one. This concept has been seen in other permutations at various sites, but it’s always a good topic for design and this rendering is excellent.

Sistine Live and Let Die

Live and Let Die

“Live and Let Die” depicts a horror rabbit gazing at the viewer. This shirt definitely seems to have some Donnie Darko elements going on and that could easily turn it into a must have for cult fans.

Sistine Cassette


“Cassette” spells out the company name discretely in cassette tape and features a cute, memorable design that is great for nostalgia.

Each shirt is displayed as though the customer is looking at it within a painting and rather than clicking a button to add a shirt to the cart, the customer actually drags it themselves across the screen and into the cart. There's also a really thorough view feature. Having a thumbnail of the shirt pop up with multiple shots isn't a new concept (though it's always appreciated), but Sistine takes it even further by making sure to include a shot of the t-shirt laid out, then a close up of the print, then a shot of the t-shirt laid out on the back, then a close up of the print. They then repeat that for every color combination the t-shirt comes in and close out the pictures with a view of the very cool Sistine packaging that the shirt will arrive in. By the time the customer actually adds the shirt to their cart they should have a really good feel for what they're getting! Don't miss this very hip, streetwear collection!

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