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Oven Fresh Dreams

One of the most appealing things about buying a t-shirt from an indie brand is knowing that you won't walk outside and see five people wearing the same shirt you just bought. The exclusivity of the whole thing is part of the fun; your cool new shirt feel like your own secret discovery. No secret can be kept forever though, and that's why it's time to reveal Oven Fresh Dreams.

Oven Fresh Dreams is "Where Baking and Lifestyle Collide," and that collision is usually pretty sweet. The t-shirt line is run by Carlos J EasyBake who, in his own words, "loves to bake, get tattooed, and wear/make t-shirts." The site is dedicated to Carlos' grandmother and is inspired by such other companies as Johnny Cupcakes, Benny Gold, Nick Automatic, Paul Frank, and Desired Hearts. Like many other indie t-shirt lines the actual ecommerce side of the company is based at Big Cartel.

The Collaborate & Dream Series: Greg Abbott

The Collaborate & Dream Series: Greg Abbott

Take for example "The Collaborate & Dream Series: Greg Abbott." This shirt was done in collaboration with Greg Abbott. Rodents carrying cookie jars and birds in top hats and neckties all while the moon looks on with a satisfied smile, what's not to like? However, like many of the t-shirts at Oven Fresh Dreams this t-shirt was printed in a very limited run - only 30 shirts were produced - and has already sold out.

The Collaborate & Dream Series: Chad Manzo

The Colloborate & Dream Series: Chad Manzo

The good news though, is that there are other terrific tees to come like this Legend of Zelda/Star Wars mash up called"The Colloborate & Dream Series: Chad Manzo.” This one is sure to be a hit with fans of either franchise.

The Collaborate & Dream Series: Nicolo Nimor/Nick Automatic PT. 2

The Collaborate & Dream Series: Nicolo Nimor/Nick Automatic PT. 2

Part 1 of "The Collaborate & Dream Series: Nicolo Nimor/Nick Automatic" has already sold out. That’s quite the pie they have there.

With so much talent over at Oven Fresh Dreams and with such limited shirt runs you don't want to be the last to find out this sweet secret. So be first in line to gobble up these new arrivals and feel free to go back for seconds.

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