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Mumford Clothing

Dan Mumford of London, England has worked extensively on the album cover art and t-shirts for an impressive list of bands and is widely recognized for his "Homesick" cover art for the band "A Day To Remember." He has also done a considerable amount of t-shirt art for The Black Dahlia Murder. Coming from this indie style, artistic background Mumford has partnered with IndieMerch to create a line of apparel called Mumford Clothing. However, Mumford Clothing isn't like a typical t-shirt company; the t-shirt lines from Mumford Clothing tell a story.

Beginning with "The Heretic" line, Mumford Clothing eventually added two more t-shirt lines as stories with "Seasons" and "Time & Death: Part I." The store section of the site even invites the customer to "Shop by Story," and just like the paintings in a conventional art series, the t-shirts of Mumford Clothing are excellent on their own, but really stellar when taken as part of the story.

Mumford Ceremony T-Shirt


“Ceremony” is a terrific example of a typical Mumford shirt. It’s printed on a dark colored shirt with bright print colors that feature a very dark subject matter. This shirt is from “The Heretic” story.

Mumford Rites T-Shirt


“Rites” like “Ceremony” is also from “The Heretic” story and also features a dark colored shirt with brighter print colors. This design is created to be an ominous warning for what is to come in the rest of the story and it definitely hits the mark dead on.

Mumford Ruin T-Shirt


“Ruin” is part of the “Time & Death: Part 1” story. It is fairly unique among Mumford shirts in that it not only comes in black but also in Royal Blue.

Mumford Perfection T-Shirt


“Perfection” is another shirt that is available in a color other than black, this time white. The design is particularly striking on a white background.

Mumford Hope T-Shirt


“Hope” is the final shirt of the more sci-fi oriented “Time & Death: Part I” and the name at least ends the story on a more positive note. The design features people soldering on after a defeat and is very poignant as well as all around beautiful.

Mumford also has a blog on site where you can read about coupons, new shirt releases, and other developing projects. There’s also a Twitter page and a Facebook page with a live Twitter feed on the home page.

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