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GoMediazine, The BlackAxe, BandJob, ShirtMockup - 4 Rock Solid T-Shirt Resources

One of the main factors for success in the t-shirt design world is resources. Without good resources creating and marketing a design can seem like an impossible task. The good news though, is that there are several websites out there that make the process much easier. Gomediazine, The Black Axe, ShirtMockUp, and Band Job can quickly become a t-shirt designer's best friends.

Gomediazine can be an invaluable tool for the t-shirt designer who wants to create a design themselves for a concept they may have in mind. Gomediazine offers resources in three main categories: Articles, Freebies, and Tutorials. Articles can help with such things as Technique & Theory for exaple, or Design Industry Insight, so that the beginning designer - or even the seasoned veteran - can keep a pulse on developing ideas and trends. Gomediazine also features Freebies such as Textures, Patterns, Motion, and Plug-Ins among other things. The other main section, Tutorials, offers step by step instructions on how to get the result you want for your design.

If you have a feel for the type of design or concept you wish to create, but don't want to do it yourself then that's where The Black Axe comes in. They've done design work for some big names and strive to empower their users with the maximum amount of control over their end designs with the maximum amount of ease. They also have a store where you can buy things already created, and a very cool blog to check out.

With their mutual focus on awesome design, as well as their complimentary strengths, it's no surprise that a site like ShirtMockUp.com formed from the united efforts of Gomediazine and The Black Axe. Created in partnership by the two sites, ShirtMockUp is the perfect resource for the t-shirt designer who already has his or her design finished and now wants to put it on a shirt.

What makes ShirtMockUp so useful is that it allows t-shirt designers to very quickly and easily get a free mock up of their creation. As the site says "Upload your art. Mock it up. Download your image for FREE!" and it's really that easy. Right on ShirtMockUp's home page is everything a t-shirt designer needs to quickly and almost effortlessly create their t-shirt mock up. With this mock up in hand the designer can then direct their efforts to marketing and selling their design, all without ever having to make the heavy financial investment of getting a first run of shirts printed for a design with an, as of yet, uncertain market and popularity.

Speaking of marketing, that's where the site BandJob comes in. Many t-shirt designers start either because of, or with an eye toward, the music industry. Let's face it, the t-shirt's history is heavily intertwined with the music industry and that bond doesn't look like breaking any time soon. BandJob utilizes that connection by creating an online community where t-shirt designers can get together with other designers within the music community to market themselves and their designs. There's even a portion of the site dedicated to job listings for Apparel, Album Art, and more. T-shirt design just got a lot easier thanks to the powerful resources offered by Gomediazine, The Black Axe, ShirtMockUp, and BandJob.

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