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Fur Face Boy Clothing

Fur Face Boy is a t-shirt company based in Dallas, Texas that grew out of the dream of Ha Mai who refused to deviate from his passion for art. Ha Mai grew up reading comic books and drawing and then started taking art and graphic design classes in college, all the while working on a business degree to placate his parents. After he decided to just do what he wanted to do and received his degree in graphic art, Hai Ma worked with a variety of people in the art and around the art industry and eventually saved up enough money to pursue his true passion.

Fur Face Boy is that passion. The company gets it's name from the nickname Ha Mai called his dog, Bear Mai. On the About Page Hai Mai states that Bear Mai "is 112 years old and has lived to see every art / design project that I've ever created since 1993." Unfortunately though, Bear Mai passed last summer. As one would expect he quickly became immortalized on a t-shirt.

Fur Face Boy Anel Bear Mai

Angel Bear Mai

"Angel Bear Mai" features a brown and white cartoon dog ascending upward with a halo over his head. It's a great shirt even out of context and it's sure to be a very important and iconic shirt for the company.

Classic Fur Face Boy

Classic Fur Face Boy

“Classic FFB” features a parody of Mickey Mouse redone Fur Face Boy style. This furry faced Mickey strikes his trademark stance and features the Fur Face Boy initials on his shirt.

Fur Face Boy Mega

Mega Fur Face Boy

“Mega FFB” is another sure winner which features a bearded man jumping into combat. This is a must have for any serious old school gamer.

Fur Face Boy is committed to an attention for detail and that great care is taken with everything from the length of the hangtag and how it's sewn on to the final folding and bagging of the shirt. Fur Face Boy shirts are also printed on materials manufactured in the US. For more information check out the Fur Face Boy blog, and don’t miss the Twitter, Myspace, or Facebook pages!

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