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DeKay Clothing

DeKay Clothing is an indie apparel company based in Las Vegas, Nevada who - as their bio says - are here to take over the world. That's quite a gamble, but Dekay Clothing has some pretty sure bets working for them.

Dekay Clothing designs typically feature macabre subject matter that is beautifully designed and features a ton of artistic details. Each design requires a longer look to make sure you’re not miss anything.

Tastes Like Death

Tastes Like Death

"Tastes Like Death" is a great example of Dekay’s gruesome, but stellar designs. The vixen on this shirt comes to life despite being dead. Skulls, flowers, suture marks, and a dismembered arm ensure that you won't get bored looking at this one.

Surplus Killing

Surplus killing

“Surplus Killing” proves that Dekay does so much more than just serve up intricately woven designs though, they also hit home with concept and printing. It's not just a disemboweled body; it's a shirt with a message, in this case that message says "DEKAY" scrawled out across the snow in blood. Cool concept, and with the giant printing area and sharp detail, it's also a cool shirt.



“Blackbeard” is another gruesome winner. It’s also a great use of the shirt as a canvas. The rich red of the shirt is a perfect bloody backdrop for this grizzly character's adventures. The anguished head even seems to be drowning in a sea of blood.

Oracle of the Stars

“Oracle of the Stars” is one of Dekay’s less violent designs. There's still a skull of course, but this seems to be involved in less explicit mayhem as he channels his psychic power. There's even a Ying Yang crystal ball thrown in for good measure. "Oracle of the Stars" was also voted the design most wanted to be seen printed on a tank top by blog viewers.

DeKay clothing also has some creative ideas to boost sales. They've partnered with Las Vegas' The Piercing Shop and worked out a deal whereby customers who buy a Dekay Clothing shirt also receive a discount on any piercing. If Dekay Clothing continues finding such ingenious marketing strategies as well as giving customers what they want then they just may be successful in their bid for world domination after all.

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