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Wotto, T-Shirt Designer

Anyone who is active in the online t-shirt design community has probably heard of Wotto. Wotto, the pseudonym of Craig Watkins, is one of the most prolific t-shirt designers out there and he's done design work for a huge array of t-shirt sites. Just to name a very few: Tilteed, Design By Humans, Inkblitz, Teefury, Billabong, and Shirt Woot - and that barely scratches the surface. Wotto has also racked up wins at many of the t-shirt contest sites. In other words, Wotto knows t-shirt design.

Wotto has made it as easy as possible to sift through his plethora of t-shirts, designs, and art by creating an umbrella of sites. Visitors to Wottoart.com who want to keep abreast of Wotto's latest design related activities can click on the Blog section and then choose from Tees, Paints, and Available Designs. The tees blog features news about newly released Wotto tees and other tee related information. The Paints section was created to showcase the results of a personal task Wotto set for himself. The task: create 100 pieces of artwork on 8'' X 8'' art board. The third blog features available t-shirt designs.

Wotto Bear T-Shirt Design

Another cool way to check out Wotto's work, click on the Character Design section of Wottoart.com to view some of his various characters. He also keeps an archive of the t-shirts he's done, just click on the Apparel section and then browse by year. There are three years worth of awesome t-shirt design.

Wotto has also begun his own bigcartel site where buyers can snap up limited edition Wotto tees at a steal! The shirts on the bigcartel site sell for between $9 to $12 per shirt. He's even doing a Mystery Tee for $9; buy that one and be surprised.

Wotto Skeleton T-Shirt Design

To keep up with his work, fans and other t-shirt enthusiasts can subscribe to the RSS Feeds. He also has a wide range of social networking accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr all of which can be accessed from his Contact page. Wotto is also very active on Emptees so make sure to visit his Emptees page/portfolio as well.

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