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Tom Neal, T-Shirt Designer

Tom Neal, from Leeds UK, specializes in t-shirt design as well as storefront web design. This means that the cool thing about Tom Neal is that you can buy t-shirts from him or he can help you sell your own t-shirts with an online presence. Either way, the guy knows design.

On the web design side of things, Tom works primarily with bigcartel layouts, but he encourages people to contact him with other tasks as well. On the more traditional side of things Tom has also worked extensively creating items like promotional posters, album artwork, and other advertisements. He's also experienced in developing and creating logos for brand identity.

Oil Is Crude T-Shirt Design

On the t-shirt side of design Tom really shines. Often his t-shirts will have a message such as the ecologically motivated "Oil is Crude - Charity Shirt." This shirt features a sharply drawn fish surrounded by black, polluted water and the straightforward text "OIL IS CRUDE." He is sending a message that this world desperately needs to hear. Another cool message-based t-shirt is "TEE OFF ROUND 1 - Native Americans", which was done as part of a contest. The shirt features a reflected image of a Native American with the text "WE ARE ALL NATIVE."

We Are All Native T-Shirt Design Monster Boogie T-Shirt Design

Tom Neal doesn't restrict himself to only somber designs though. Take for example the whimsical "Monster Boogie" which features a foot stomping, adorable one-eyed monster. Another fave of ours is "Friend Of The Forest." It’s the same ecologically responsible message, but this time dressed up in cheerful, out-going hippie clothes. His ultimate feel good design may be "I Choo Choo Choose You!" which features an oversize design of a colorful, grinning train with the title text and several hearts. Tom also has the design extend to the very bottom of the t-shirt which always makes for interesting t-shirts.

Tom Neal T-Shirt Design

So whether choosing a socially responsible t-shirt, a playful amusing t-shirt, or just trying to figure out a way to sell t-shirts, Tom Neal is your man. You can follow him on Twitter, friend him on Facebook, or just check out his Tumblr.

Tom Neal
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