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Saintgraphic, T-Shirt Designer

Saintgraphic, also known as Gianluca Militello, is an Italian t-shirt designer who has quite a collection of really cool, unique t-shirt designs. He excels at character design and typography with a signature style that is all his own. According to his website, Saintgraphic offers company identity design, as well as website creation. His portfolio is well worth a look.

Mystic Eye T-Shirt Design

Take for example "Mystic Eye" for SUCK! Clothing. The oversized printing area is terrific for this design and the overall symmetry of the triangles and circles is really beautiful, hauntingly so thanks to the giant weeping eye. Besides all that, it would just be a fun t-shirt to wear!

Am I Doing Something Wrong T-Shirt Design

One of Saintgraphic's newest designs "Am I Doing Something Wrong?" features another large size design this time in bright colors featuring very memorable characters. Clearly the basketball in the design does think the kid is doing something wrong.

Lord of the Geeks T-Shirt Design

"Respect to the lord of the geeks" should be able to score a geek/gamer following. In this design the details really seal it. The pocket protector cements his status as Geek. Then the gaming control and beads of sweet from concentration nail it. The Lord of the Geeks shirt isn't the first design Saintgraphic has done which features someone in an entertainment setting in a proclaimed position of power. "King of the Sofa" features a guy in his undershirt relaxing on a cushy throne while wearing a crown and wielding a TV scepter in one hand and a remote in the other.

I'm Alive T-Shirt Design

Saintgraphic often gets his message across in a discrete way, such as with the Agape Attire shirt "I'm Alive" which features the words I'M designed to look like the skyline and the ALIVE designed to look like the grass. On the more direct side of things is the Confide shirt "Put that in your happy meal!" which features a homicidal Ronald McDonald on the front and the title text on the back. Check out more of Saintgraphic's cool designs on his Emptees page or on his website.

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