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I Came From Nothing T-Shirt Designs

I Came From Nothing is a fixture in the online t-shirt community. It serves as a design collective and was created by Michael Van Niekirk. The designs are phenomenal and carry a wide range of subjects from characters, zombies, typographical tees and much more. I Came From Nothing uses guest designers on the regular as well as in-house design by Michael.

Big Gun T-Shirt Design

ICFN has some really cool designs like "Big Gun." With its rich, vibrant colors "Big Gun" is a fan favorite. Especially since the Alien featured has such cool qualities as an electronic arm coming out of his side and little green curls reminiscent of broccoli.

Baphomet T-Shirt Design

Another freaky fave of ours is "Winter Baphomet." It has a weirdly cool mystic quality about it and with the eye on the palm, it's hard to miss this one. The goat man seems to be bleeding yellow and the blade seems ceremonial. "Halloween - Drink Blood!" is cool because the skull is made to resemble a chalice with flames for eyes and the blood as the bandanna.

Ziller T-Shirt Design

On the parody side is "Ziller" which features a green zombie-like creature wearing garb similar to Michael Jackson's iconic Thriller and doing the signature dance move. This shirt is another bright colors hit and the details, like the warts and spots on the creature's arms is terrific.

Grind Monkey T-Shirt Design

"Grind Monkey" features a skeletal looking monkey with massive green fur skateboarding and drinking. The bird on top of the monkey's head seems to be tormenting the partying primate. I especially like the action shot of the eggs falling from the nest. I also like I Came From Nothing's subtle use of branding with the company initials added discretely on the headband.

The clothing company I Came From Nothing also has world wide shipping, so rest assured these tee designs are just an order away. Also, don't miss ICFN on Facebook and Twitter!

I Came From Nothing
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