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Greg Abbott, T-Shirt Designer

Greg Abbott is a t-shirt designer from England who specializes in character art and has also developed an interest in web, type, and album artwork as well. He has been working with clients since 2008 and his goal is to produce at least one finished design per day, an amazing production rate given how detailed and alive each design feels!

Odd Crowd T-Shirt Design

For example check out "An Odd Crowd." Greg has managed to give every character their own unique personality. Look at the sad, dejected green fellow in the top left in comparison to the triumphant, cheerful little green guy in the middle bottom. Other characters in the design appear annoyed, confused, playful, satisfied, and mischievous just to name a few. The little boy on the bottom right seems pleased with his motley crew.

Entertainment T-Shirt Design

"Entertainment" is another winner. Check out the amused expression on the bear's face, the way his eyes seem to be half closed on the bottom and how he's clutching his chest with his right hand, both indicating riotous laughter. All the while he's sitting there scarfing popcorn. This guy isn't someone I'd like to have sitting behind me at the movie theater, especially with that suspicious red goo on his mouth and fingers.

Ride On T-Shirt Design

Another favorite is "Ride On." It's a really good character in motion design. I love the way everything seems to be flying past the central character as he bikes along at high speeds. Every detail of the design seems to take that forward motion into consideration. Even the text itself is very well suited for forward momentum and fits perfectly with the design itself.

Enough about t-shirts though, check out Greg's superb album artwork for the "Motion in Colour" album "When All Of You Have Gone." The multi-colored characters are a terrific match for the album as is the colorful string holding the name in place. It's really cool how the characters all seem to be drinking and enjoying their campfire while the darkened city skyline in the back suggests that everyone else has gone to sleep. Don't miss the jubilant bears of "Things We Wish We Knew" for "Fallkillsthe Calendar." Whatever these bears don't know they seem to be getting along just fine without.

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