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Godmachine, T-Shirt Designer

As a kid Godmachine was inspired by comic books and skateboarding. Godmachine turned that inspiration into success with talent and hard work and now the South Wales designer has one of the most recognizable styles in the industry. Recently Godmachine has refocused on skateboarding. Check out this line of skateboards he has been doing for KFD.

Each of the three designs featured here, Team Comp, Dog Comp, and Hippie Comp, has an incredible amount of detail, which is customary in a Godmachine design. There's so much going in that it's impossible to take it all in at first glance. The horror on the face of the skeleton in Dog Comp, the spilled tangle of entrails in Team Comp, the delicate spiderwebs in Hippie Comp - Godmachine has masterfully layered each design with so many details and such rich depth that even after studying the boards for several minutes more eye catching facets are sure to take hold.

Storenvy T-Shirt Design

Of course our focus here is t-shirts and boy has Godmachine given us a wealth of things to look at in this category! "Storenvy" has a beautiful symmetry about it. Everything seems to radiate outward from the heart in the middle in clear crisp lines. In fact the woman herself blends into the beautiful, rich background. Is she disappearing into it or rising from it?

I Will Wait T-Shirt Design

Then there's the voodoo inspired "I Will Wait." "I Will Wait" still has the trademark Godmachine blood and horror feel to it, but it almost appears stark in comparison to many of Godmachine's other designs. There actually is some blank space on the design and it has an overall quieter feel to it. This works perfectly since the more muted background serves to further centralize the ghastly voodoo man. The quieter feel also serves the theme of waiting patiently very nicely.

Godmachine has worked with an amazing array of clients. To name just a few: Adidas, Flip Skateboards, The Hundreds, Lamb of God, Misfits, Iron Fist, Drop Dead Clothing, A Day To Remember, The Devil Wears Prada, and the Architects, and that barely scratches the surface! Nevertheless godmachine is always happy to give potential new clients a quote and with such a diverse portfolio we know he'll just keep branching out further and further.

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