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Derek Deal

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Derek Deal, T-Shirt Designer

Derek Deal from Brooklyn, New York, has some extremely memorable designs which are done in an unforgettable style. Most of his designs practically scream classic even when they're brand new. He has worked for some of the biggest names in the entertainment biz through The Black Axe and recently had an art exhibit opened with his work. In other words....Derek Deal is the real deal.

Sir-Mix-Alot T-Shirt Design

First up is "Sir Mix A Lot’s - Baby Got Back"; it's a very well-rendered parody of the popular rap song. The details are excellent with Sir Mix A Lot himself being easily recognizable while the girls sport a caricatured look. The detail of the giant anaconda is another amusing aspect of the design which helps clench it. That “anaconda don’t want none unless she got....”

Elvis Pezly T-Shirt Design

Another amuzing Parody "PTS - Elvis Pezly." The aptly named Elvis Pezly features the King transformed into a giant Pez dispenser and spitting out cheeseburgers rather than Pez. I love the spilled pool of ketchup at the base of the Pezley. Cool Concept and almost impossible not to snicker at.

The Big Bad Wolf T-Shirt Design

"The Big Bad Wolf was an Opportunist" is another hit filled with cool details. The leg, still wearing the high heel shoe and resting casually on the sign is comical, while the wolf himself, though still amusing, does manage to look menacing. The x-ray view into the wolf's stomach provides a little insight to what actually went down.

Hazmat 1 T-Shirt Design Hazmat 2 T-Shirt Design Hazmat 3 T-Shirt Design

Derek Deal is also responsible for the Mario Bros NES parody "DR.HAZMAT - Super Dr.Hazmat." as well as the companion piece "DR.HAZMAT - DocHaz" and the "DR.HAZMAT - M.A.C." shirt from the same series with a different character. Some concepts are good for one design but it takes true skill to master a series. Did we already tell you he was the real deal?

Derek's full portfolio can be seen at TheBlackAxe.com and he's also just had a couple of shirts released by Pyknic Clothing for their "Culinary Cadets" line. Check out "Global Cooling" and his updated version of "Lucky Cat." Don't miss his Tumblr page and be sure to follow Derek Deal on Twitter.

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