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T-Shirt Design > 2010 Emptees Award Winners

2010 Emptees Award Winners

The results of the 2010 Emptees Awards are out! Emptees is a massive community of t-shirt designers, artists, t-shirt company owners, and other enthusiasts so there were quite a few categories. Check it out:

Best Illustrator - Christopher Lovell
Christopher Lovell

Christopher Lovell is an artist, designer, and musician who lives in Swindon UK. It’s easy to see how he won the best Illustrator award simply by going to his profile. He has some amazing and beautiful work. Well deserved!

Best Overall Designer - Dobi
Dobi Designs Dobi T-Shirt Designer Dobi T-Shirt Designs

Rob Dobi (Dobi) has been a member of Emptees for over three years and has worked for clients such as Star Wars, Weezer, Blink 182, Green Day, Michael Jackson, Eminem, and many more. With such big name clients and such memorable designs he definitely seems like a shoe in!

Best Merch Designer - Kyle Crawford

Kyle Crawford has a huge volume of bands that he does merchandise work for. He has a knack for creating a design which perfectly fits with the band and compliments their style and music. Such a gift for Merchandise design is rare.

Best Clothing Company designer - Keaton Henson

Keaton Henson has worked on a wide range of different art projects and also has a gift for music; however, it is his work for clothing companies that really shines. Check out some of his designs and it’s easy to see how he won this award.

Best New Designer - Paul Granese

Currently Paul Granese only has 6 t-shirts that he’s designed and has only been an Emptees member for around a year. Yet, if you look at those 6 shirts you’re sure to be blown away by all the detail and the stellar creative concepts. There’s certainly no filler here, just hits!

Worst Trend of the Year - owls

Hoo Hoo! Who thought this up anyway? Sometimes it seems like the owls have invaded. Sure they’re cure, and majestic even, but enough is enough. It’s time to let this trend slip away. One owl here and there goes a long way.

Best T shirt Model - Amanda from Drop Dead
Amanda Hendrick

It does matter how terrific the t-shirt is if the person modeling makes it look like a potato sack. No fear of that with Amanda from Drop Dead. She can wear almost anything and make it look great...including a potato sack.

Company of the year - Electric Zombie

Kyle Crawford has an amazing volume of designs for his Electric Zombie brand and he always strives to make each new collection a little bit better than the last. Kyle also has a great team helping him with Electric Zombie and the shirts are always awesome! Great pick on this one!

Best Release of the year - EZ fall line

There’s nothing worse than waiting for the release of a new line by one of your favorite companies only to be disappointed by mediocre or just plain bad designs. No chance of that with the EZ Fall line. They really knocked this one out of the park.

Best New company - Make Believe

There’s no shortage of new t-shirt companies out there. Many of them will come and go without ever really make a dent in the t-shirt world, but Make Believe certainly isn’t one of those companies. They’re already muscling their way in with the cool crowd.

Most Improved - Tom Neal
Tom Neal T-Shirt Designer Tom Neal T-Shirt Design

Tom Neal has had an amazing year with his designs. This year it seems like everything he’s touched has turned to gold. It’s no wonder he won this award. Well done, Tom, and very well deserved!

Empteer of the year - Quakerninja

Quakerninja is everywhere on Emptees! When he’s not bashing out his own terrific designs he’s Loving other people’s designs or making comments. He also has some nifty resources we can all benefit from. Quakerninja is a great team player and Emptees is lucky to have him!

Empteer that should come back - Godmachine

Unfortuantely Godmachine hasn’t been around much lately and he’s been sorely missed. Apart from being a terrific designer he’s also a great guy and a valued member of Emptees. We can only hope that he’s able to be more present and active in the future.

*Emptees announced they will be shutting down on March 1, 2011. We are going to keep this page up as an archive of sorts. Emptees will be missed.*