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Shirtstor.es and T-shirtblo.gs by Andy at Hide Your Arms

As anyone who has been a part of the online t-shirt community for very long will discover the blog Hide Your Arms has a major impact and reaches a wide audience. Andy who runs Hide Your Arms is often the first to know about interesting new t-shirt lines or terrific sales from both widely known and small indy companies. Furthermore, often t-shirt companies will create a special Hide Your Arms coupon code that Hide Your Arms readers can use to save money at check out. With such a wide audience and such an obviously dedicated attitude it’s not surprising that Andy has brought the t-shirt world two other great resources: Shirtstor.es & T-shirtblo.gs.


So what are they exactly? Shirtstor.es is a huge list of over 400 t-shirt stores! The list is arranged by rank according to user voting so you know the ones at the top are popular. Andy is also hoping to eventually incorporate Google page ranking and other ranking systems to make sure that the pages are even more relevant. With so many t-shirt sites out there this is a terrific way to sift through the masses and find the shirt you’re looking for!


The companion site, t-shirtblo.gs takes the same approach but with a focus on t-shirt blogs. With close to 300 t-shirt blogs on the list, also arranged by user votes with a possible page rank system to be incorporated in the future, this is a fantastic way for t-shirt enthusiasts to keep a pulse of what’s going on in the t-shirt world.

Both sites are also great ways to market yourself as a t-shirt blogger or t-shirt company. Some readers will probably find one list more useful than the other, depending on their personal interests and activities, but either way both sites are great! Check the out now and drop Andy from Hide Your Arms a line letting him know you appreciate them.

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