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Pop Culture Tees, T-Shirt Blog

Pop Culture Tees

There's something for everyone at Pop Culture Tees. The site is run by Liz and Reggie and is updated on a nearly daily basis. The cool thing is that unlike most other t-shirt blogs Pop Culture Tees features content that also appeals to the designers and entrepreneurs.

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The site is divided into three four major sections: News, Reviews, Biz, and Interviews. The News section features t-shirt related news such as new releases, sales, and other information. For example a recent article in that category was "3,000 Facebook Fans = 50% Off Seventh. Ink Sale" which informed readers about a very awesome promotional sale!

The Reviews section of the site features t-shirt company reviews such as the recently added "Need to Make Money? Start a Clothing Company" which reviewed the new company Muzed which was created by Canadian high school students.

The Biz section is uniquely directed toward t-shirt designers and entrepreneurs with articles such as "Four Cheap & Easy Ways to Get More Site Traffic" which as the title suggest involves boosting your visibility and presence on the net and "Telling Your Story: "How to Write a Great Mission Statement" which is a terrific article to help t-shirt companies clarify their purpose and goals.

The Interview section logically deals with interviews of t-shirt designers and t-shirt entrepreneurs. For example check out the very cool "12 Questions with: Jimiyo" featuring an interview with one of the most talented and well-respected designers in the t-shirt world.

Pop Culture Tees also features a "Get Reviewed" link with information about how to get your t-shirt featured and reviewed on Pop Culture Tees (Hint: send them t-shirts so they can see them in person). There's also a link for Advertising and a general Contact and About Page. Don't forget to friend Pop Culture Tees on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

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