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IAMTHETREND, All The T-Shirt Trends and More


IAMTHETREND is subtitled "YOUR GUIDE FOR ALL THINGS INDEPENDENT" and that's an excellent way to describe this clearing house of all things Indie. IAMTHETREND's mission is to bring readers the coolest in clothing companies, artists, bands and products on a daily basis. There's also a weekly vlog at IATT.TV which covers the coolest news in these categories in video form. IAMTHETREND also focuses on affordable items that will appeal to the everyman or everywoman.

IATT Screen Shot

One particularly awesome aspect about IAMTHETREND is that on their FAQ page they state that they will review everyone who submits news to the site. That's right, everyone! IAMTHETREND's goal is to at least write something about everyone who submits relevant content for review. Pretty cool huh?

Some of the most popular posts at IAMTHETREND are the posts which involve lists. For example the most popular post, with over 46,000 views, is "75 Skull T-Shirts That Don't Suck!" followed by "50 Beautiful T-shirt and Indie Clothing Models." In keeping with IAMTHETREND's focus on finding the new trends readers can check out "70 Awesome Hoodies, Hoods, or Hoodys to Keep Warm This Fall/Winter!"

Like many of the Indie t-shirt blog sites there's also a Music section. However, IAMTHETREND also features an Art section, which is a far less common feature for a t-shirt blog site. In fact IAMTHETREND even has a Flickr page where you can check out more great art and pictures.

IAMTHETREND is indeed a behemoth community of all things Indie. So whether you are a t-shirt designer, an aspiring artist, a die hard indie fan, or just a casual t-shirt wearer make your way over to IAMTHETREND. Don't forget to subscribe to their RSS Feed, friend them on Facebook, and Follow them on Twitter!