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Hide Your Arms T-Shirt Blog

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Hide Your Arms, the UK based blog with a focus on hoodies and t-shirts, was created in January 2006 by Andy. Hide Your Arms is one of the most frequently updated apparel related blogs on the net and Andy is good about letting readers know if he will be taking a break from blogging! So with Hide Your Arm's four year anniversary coming up now is the perfect time to check out this staple in the Indie Clothing world.

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Hide Your Arms has a focus on long sleeve items, especially hoodies, but there is also a gold mine of t-shirt related posts on the site. Hide Your Arms is also very well categorized for easy searching. Readers can browse through such categories as Reviews to catch Andy's thoughts on a new apparel line, Lists to see the top designs in a category, celebrities for a dose of star gazing, or Interviews to get the inside scoop about a designer or company, and that is just a small sample of all of what Hide Your Arms has to offer!

Readers of Hide Your Arms also receive frequent coupon codes for redemption at their favorite online sites. What could be better than reading about a shirt or hoodie or Hide Your Arms then receiving a coupon code to buy it at a reduced price? Hide Your Arms also hooks readers up with giveaways and other prizes. For example right now the company itself is offering a prize to be given away to Hide Your Arm's Twitter followers.

Besides Twitter, Hide Your Arms is also available by Facebook, Newsfeed, or of course by email. If you have a particular topic of interest that you feel would be a good match for Hide Your Arms let Andy know.

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