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Emptees Shutting Down on March 1, 2011

Any event that will result in a wide-reaching effect throughout the online t-shirt community is of the utmost importance to report. That is why, with a sad heart, we have to report that Emptees will be closing effective March 1st, 2011.

As the majority of people active in the t-shirt design world will know, Emptees is a huge community of t-shirt designers and enthusiasts that acts a central hub for designers to toss around ideas, show off their latest creation, and generally get together and discuss the tees. It's also a great place to visit if you're simply a t-shirt or design aficionado.

Emptees was begun in 2007 as a side project of Indie Labs. Indie Labs is the highly creative team that brought the t-shirt world the storefront system Big Cartel. As soon as Emptees was born it hit the ground running, which was terrific for the t-shirt world. Unfortunately the site, which has over 40,000 people in it's community, has understandable became unwieldy for Indie Labs and that, couple with the fact that Indie Labs is restructuring to focus more on Big Cartel, meant that Emptees was no longer viable.

Understandably this period is going to be a huge time of adjustment for a lot of designers and online store owners, as well as Emptees more casual users. It's been a great ride and undoubtedly countless members have a ton of success, productivity, and all around happy times to look back on as a result of their tenure in the Emptees community.

The good news though is that while Emptees itself will be closting there are other options for the Emptees community members. Don't miss the second part of this article when we explore those different alternatives and how to go about each one.

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