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Coty Gonzales, T-Shirt Blogger Extraordinaire

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The cool thing about Coty Gonzales is that he isn't just a t-shirt blogger; he's a t-shirt vlogger. His very popular t-shirt blog, also called Coty Gonzales, features a regular installment of Co-Tee TV episodes. In these episodes Coty wears the shirts he reviews while giving us all the facts about the shirt and design.

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Coty Gonzales also posts with an amazing degree of frequency and regularity. Once you subscribe to his RSS Feed you really can expect regular, high quality content coming your way. The posts themselves are also very thorough and Coty even research's the companies, designs, etc. enough to be able to supply background info and interesting side facts for his viewers.

There's also a really cool coupons page featuring 81 FOREVER coupons - with more to come - which will never expire. On top of the Coupons, Coty also keeps a Sale page active and updated which features the more temporary sales the t-shirt companies are running and all the facts about them. Finding a great deal on a t-shirt has never been easier thanks to these handy resources on Coty Gonzales!

Don't miss the Links page either. The Links page features Indie Designers, Indie T-Shirt Brands, and Ongoing T-Shirt Contests for the die-hard t-shirt fan or just the casual t-shirt enthusiast. There's even a Random category with cool little nuggets and a t-shirt blog category where readers can get even more t-shirt related info. All this cool content carefully chosen by Coty himself.

Coty Gonzales also uses an array of social networking apps to make it easier for the viewers to stay connected. Subscribe to the Coty Gonzales RSS Feed, Posterous, Tumblr, Vimeo Videos, Facebook, or Twitter. Now just sit back and enjoy the neatly wrapped content.

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