Introducing: The "Cooler Than A Hipster" T-Shirt Design

"A hipster is one who possesses tastes, social attitudes, and opinions deemed cool by the cool." - The Hipster Handbook by Robert Lanham

What does being cooler than a hipster, the Tooth Fairy and Chuck Norris' tears all have in common? Easy....they're all things that don't exist. The first option of the three was the dead giveaway because everyone knows you can't be cooler than a hipster. Being a hipster means you possess a look that appears homeless but yet you still maintain a successful career as a professor at a small liberal arts school in New England. Oh, and you DJ on the weekend. Yes....that cool. Clearly there isn't a cool that can be cooler than that.

Were the images above doctored to have a vintage yellow tint to them? Of course not. Apparently the camera recognized the hipster status of these two ridiculously good looking models and felt that the retro result would only be fitting.

So what is with the Vespa in an open field with tall grass? Duh, how else would a hipster off-road....certainly not on a dirt bike and definitely not in the mud. A true hipster does everything in style even if it means wearing $500+ Paul Smith dress shoes on an off-roading trip on a Vespa.

A hipster also knows that wearing a t-shirt that makes a disparaging reference to hipsters is the exact kind of irony that embodies the hipster movement. It is being able to laugh at yourself when nothing is funny. Does that even make sense? No.

Taking a closer look at the t-shirt design you might be wondering if the glasses have lenses. The answer is yes and no. You ponder that. It is so deep that if you don't get it, then there is no point in explaining it.

Did you notice the Paul Bunyan style flannel shirt on Morgan, the female model? She had it on for one reason only - she had just chopped down a few trees with an axe before the photo shoot. Is that true? Not at all. But that was the look she was going for and she nailed it.

And how about the Blue Steel facial expression on David, the male model? Ha, I tricked you...that isn't Blue Steel at all. Blue Steel is for amateurs. He has trained his face to stay that way during all emotions. He is actually smiling in some of the pictures and laughing in others. I'll let you figure out which ones are which. That David, he's so hot right now.

You might also be concerned with their well-being wearing layers in the heat for this photo shoot. Well I want you to know that they didn't even sweat. Unless you think that sweating is sexy....then they sweated their butts off. Any hotter and David would've had to sport the obligatory summer wool beanie. A must for all hipster kits in 100+ degree weather.

All in all, this t-shirt design has the depth of a Kindergarten math class. We thought you might miss the complexity of this t-shirt design and all of its glorious underlying meaning. Now you know because we've spelled it out for you in images and commentary. You're welcome.

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