Introducing: The "Born To Ill" Tee Design from You Design It

What if we weren't Born to Kill and were instead Born to Ill? Wars would be fought in clubs with deejays and dance-offs. Human beat boxes would form special ops teams and silently sneak up on terrorists to rip off mouth beats so tight the Fat Boys would be jealous. Break dance karate would be a real thing and not just something I wish were real. Obviously, terrorists wouldn't stand a chance. In fact, here are the top 5 military reasons why our troops should be Born to Ill rather than Born to Kill:

  • Seal Team 6 would be more appropriately named Real Team 6.
  • Saluting would be replaced with fist-bumps.
  • No lives have ever been lost from a rap battle. Just pride.
  • James Bond would be just as effective if he had a License to Ill.
  • Medals of merit would be replaced by Jesus pieces.

Yes....that is a world I want to live in.

The Born To Ill T Shirt for sale

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This t-shirt design pays homage to the iconic cover art of the Kubrick classic - Full Metal Jacket. The t shirt design is a five color oversized print on the army colored American Apparel unisex tee. To add to the technicality of the print, we used a soft hand additive to the plastisol ink to make it feel softer to the touch.

The Born To Ill Hat for sale

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Don't just buy the t shirt when you can get the hat too. The Born To Ill hat features the same art embroidered on a dark brown flat bill FlexFit hat. Available in two sizes - Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large.