The Showcase of Printed T-Shirts

At You Design It our focus is on allowing our customers the freedom to create their own original, great designs while providing them with the tools and resources to make that task as easy as possible. That is definitely not changing but the fact remains that we love t-shirts as much as the next guy.

The Showcase is a little corner of our website where we show you the t-shirts that we have printed internally for our own consumption. There are many reasons why we have decided to undertake this slightly new component of the site. One of the main reasons is simply that we often get requests from customers who wish to purchase already designed t-shirts. We always strive to give the customers what they want and this is no different.

Another contributing factor in our decision to set up this area of the site is that it will give us a chance to undertake new creative projects and showcase the fruits of our labor. Design is something that we enjoy and take very seriously and it is not uncommon for us to find ourselves itching to release a new design.

Check out the pieces we’ve decided to share in the showcase:

The Cooler Than A Hipster T-Shirt

The Cooler Than A Hipster t-shirt pokes light hearted fun at the hipster phenomenon while being a good looking, sharp design in its own right. We created the glasses and the Cooler font from scratch and are very pleased with the way they came out.

The Born To Ill T-Shirt and Hat

Another printed design that we are very proud of is the Born To Ill t-shirt and hat. Born To Ill is our take on the Born To Kill morbid concept that poses the question “What if wars were fought in clubs with deejays and dance-offs?” That would certainly make for a more peaceful, music inspired world! It may never happen in real life, but you can capture a piece of that hope with this tee or hat.