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Valuecap Constructed

  • Description: A very affordable constructed hat in standard colors.
  • Features: Velcro adjustable back
  • Fabric: Lightweight Chino
  • Sizes: Velcro Adjustable
  • Price: Dollar-1
  • Print Method: Embroidery
  • Delivery: Free Shipping 7-10 biz days, Rush Available
  • Minimums: 6 Piece Min for Embroidery


Questions and Answers About the Valuecap Constructed

What kind of closure is on the back of the Valuecap Constructed hat?

The Valuecap Constructed hat has one of the most popular closures made of velcro. This closure allows you to get the most comfortable fit possible by adjusting the connection of the velcro.

What does constructed mean?

It means that the crown of the hat or the front of the hat stands up on its own and doesn't mold to the head when worn. The backing behind the front of the hat is stiff and meant to stay up when worn.

What is the pricing like versus the unconstructed affordable hat?

They are priced just about the same. It really comes down to the preference of the user because is not a determining factor.