Creating Custom Designs with Rubber Stamps - A Resource Page

Rubber Stamping is one of the more popular trends in crafting today. Many hobbyists as well as seasoned artisans are using rubber stamps in a variety of ways. Rubber-stamping is also very versatile; it can be used in card making, scrap booking, collage and a multitude of other mediums. Whether you are a novice to stamping or an expert in the field, there are always new techniques to learn.

Rubber Stamp General Resources

In general, a good place to start for inspiration is to look at the stamps available. With thousands of designs to choose from, sometimes it can be difficult to decide which stamps are right for your particular needs.  It can be beneficial to view projects that use a variety of rubber stamps. This can aid in the decision-making process of choosing the correct stamps.

  • Learn to Rubber Stamp: Visit the Stampendous site to learn all about the craft through videos and personal blogs of rubber stamp artisans.
  • Free Templates!: Take your rubber-stamping to a new level with these three- dimensional templates, each free for downloading. All have pictures of finished examples to inspire creativity.

Rubber Stamp Collections

Collections of rubber stamps can add a consistent theme throughout an entire piece or book. This can be very beneficial in adding continuity.  It is important to explore this avenue when choosing the proper rubber stamps for your project.

Scrapbooking with Rubber Stamps

Using rubber-stamping in Scrapbooking is a very popular trend. Scrap booking is no longer just a way to store keepsakes. It has risen to the level of an art form. Using unique techniques to embellish pages with rubber-stamping, as well as unusual methods of creating the scrapbook itself can express the theme of the entire book.

  • Learn to Make your Own Scrapbook!: Interesting tutorial from the Scrap Bookie site on making a brown, paper bag scrapbook which could be embellished with rubber stamping.
  • The Scrapbook Gallery: This site touts over a million Scrapbooking ideas, many utilizing rubber-stamping and associated techniques.

Stamping Techniques

Once the basic process of rubber-stamping is understood, many artisans want to develop their craft in different ways. There are many techniques that can be used with rubber-stamping. Some of these include the use of little known processes. It can be helpful to explore these areas to acquire knowledge to use in future projects.

  • Stamping with Bleach: Learn the techniques involved with reverse color by stamping with bleach.
  • Walnut Ink: An interesting page devoted to rubberstamping techniques and walnut ink. Directions and pictures are included.
  • Stamping on Vellum: This is an insightful page about rubber-stamping on vellum. Links provided to pictures and instructions for a finished project.

Papers and Stamping Accessories

By using different types of papers and techniques, fantastic results can be obtained. Many times utilizing a common craft item with rubber-stamping can achieve the desired result within a project. Unusual inks can also be combined within a piece. Exploring different avenues can add a special touch to any work.

Communities and Forums

As with any hobby, it is very beneficial to belong to a community that shares a common interest. Online forums and chats are a great way to learn new techniques, share ideas and make new friends. Many sites offer contests and other experiences that can bring a new understanding of the medium. Some even offer free classes.

  • Ginger Stamp: A very comprehensive site with forums to discuss all areas of rubber-stamping. Free registration required.
  • Stampin' Addicts Forums: Free to join, this is a lively online community devoted to everything about rubber-stamping and all that it encompasses.
  • Rubber Stamp Chat: An active community of rubber stampers, this forum has many sub-categories including a gallery of recent works and shared techniques. Membership is available for no cost.

Conventions and Galleries

Conventions are a great way to see the latest products in rubber-stamping. Most conventions offer free samples, instructional materials and workshops. Many times these extras are included in the price to attend. Online galleries are also a wonderful place to go for inspiration or to showplace work.  


There are many avenues to be explored within the realm of rubber-stamping. Making your own paper is just one aspect to consider. Another is learning the proper terms for tools and techniques associated with the craft. Continual education in the craft is important to keep works fresh and alive.