T Shirt Printing with Half Tones

Half tones are a very easy and effective way to print gradients and maximize the amount of colors in a print while keeping the cost down. Let me first begin by showing you a picture of what half tones are. Here is a really good design we printed that used half tones as a cool effect without adding anything to the price:

Intersect Artwork

Now, we'll zoom up closer to view the half tones:

T-Shirt Half Tone Artwork

The name half tone is a bit deceiving because it is rarely 50% of the color as the name would imply. A half tone can actually be any percentage of an original color. Once a color has been reduced to a smaller percentage, it appears to be another color that is lighter than the original. Half Tones Some good examples would be black to grey or red to pink. This is accomplished by printing varying sizes of dots of the color and allowing the t-shirt color to show through. The combination of less ink being laid down and the t-shirt color showing through and make a very interesting and effective print.

The best part about this process is the fact that it doesn't cost more to do this. In fact, it actually costs less when compared to using two different colors for the same effect. The only downside is when the print is magnified, it is not as solid and "convincing" as an original spot color.

So if you're on a budget or want to add a cool value-added effect involving half-tones to your artwork, just let us know.