What is Digital T Shirt Printing?

Digital T Shirt Print 1It’s a pain, but most apparel screen printers have mandatory minimums. The reason there are minimums is because the price to print single orders is astronomical! The more shirts you buy, the cheaper the price per shirt. That is how screen printers price, and their minimums usually start around 6, 12 or 15 pieces. Screen tees are the typical t-shirts you see everyday. They are printed on a spot paint printer, and the artwork generally lasts a very long time. It may take a while to receive your order depending on how large your order is, how backed up the screen printing company is, and the artwork being printed on the shirts. Most screen printers charge based on the quantity and the number of colors, or screens, in your design. Therefore, the price varies when it comes to each order, which is why many vendors opt to use the real-time pricing method instead of having a set price list. Yes, screen printing has its perks and its drawbacks, but if you are looking for an alternative, there is one.Digital T Shirt Print 2

Many people looking to buy screen printed shirts don’t need that many shirts. Some people just need one or two shirts. Fortunately, there is another alternative for those needing fewer printed tees! The solution is digital printed shirts. Digital printing is a method of printing that is fairly new. It allows printers to print without minimums for customers wanting only a few shirts. There are a lot of perks to using the digital printing alternative, but the disadvantages sometimes deter people from using it. Since the artwork is printed with ink, they can only be printed on lighter colored shirts. And, since the artwork is printed with ink, the artwork fades a bit faster as compared to screen printed apparel that is printed with paint. On the bright side, though, there are some great perks that come with using digital printing:

  1. No minimums
  2. All artwork, front and back, printed for one flat price, regardless of the number of colors
  3. Order is typically shipped faster since order is smaller
  4. Digital prints typically look just as good as screen prints

Many people have found companies that do digital print work, and they are very satisfied with the results! Digital printing has allowed people to print different shirts for different people for gifts, gags, and for themselves. They are a great personalized gift or prize, and they are fun to wear during the holidays, birthdays and any events. Since they are easy to create and easy to get, most people become repeat customers. If you want to make a personalized shirt for your child or a novelty t shirt for yourself, digital printed shirts are perfect because they are inexpensive and definitely worth the money.

The next time you want to create less than six shirts, give digital t shirt printing at You Design It a try. You won't be disappointed!