All Over T-Shirt Printing and Oversized Designs

All Over T-Shirt Print 1T-shirts with all-over printed designs are some of the most popular shirts out today. They are unique and stylish. Some are so intricate, they look like paintings. The artwork is all over the collar, the sleeves, the sides of the shirts, and even the very bottom of the tee. You can find these shirts at just about every clothing store, but at times they can be quite expensive. Many aspiring fashion designers are creating the all-over print tees because they are in popular demand. Both shoppers and designers are turning to screen printers to get the look they want at an affordable price. Unfortunately, many have been disappointed by their results. Many customers even try to overpay screen printers or offer to do business with them exclusively, and they too are told no.

All Over T-Shirt Print 2Customers may scratch their head at this dilemma, but the answer is simple. It’s not that vendors don’t want the business; it’s just that the printers used have boundaries that can’t be broken. The t-shirt boundaries are usually 11x11 inches on the front and back of the shirt. Generally, the screen printers cannot stray from the boundaries. If a t-shirt design is all over the shirt, the printer may cut the design off.

The true definition of all-over printing is artwork that is printed over the seams. The type of printer that prints over the seams is called a belt screen printers. This printer allows you to create the all-over designs you see in the magazines and stores. There are many advantages to using a belt screen printer machine.

  1. Belt screen print machines allow artwork to cross the seams
  2. They use discharge inks, which are a higher quality ink that feel as soft as the fabric.
  3. Front to back printing. Your artwork can stretch from the front of your shirt to the back.
  4. Continuous designs across the collar
  5. Oversized prints that won’t be cut off in the printer
  6. Awesome designs sure to turn heads!

With benefits like these, why wouldn’t every t-shirt vendor use the belt printer, right? Well, with every good machine come its disadvantages.

  1. Belt printing is quite expensive. So if you think you can create an all-over printed tee cheaper than the stores, think again.
  2. Belt printers generally have high minimums. The average minimum is 144 pieces.
  3. Companies that use the belt printer are few and far between.
  4. Belt printer designs may be difficult to create at times.
  5. The turnaround from order to delivery is 1-2 weeks longer.

There is hope! It is very possible to create a faux all-over print design with a regular screen printer. The trick is to just make sure your design doesn’t run over the seams! Plenty of people have created their t-shirts like this, and they’ve turned out awesome. See? There are also tons of advantages getting your tee’s screen printed.

  1. You can create the illusion of an all-over printed tee.
  2. Lower minimums! No minimums!
  3. Less expensive to get your shirts printed
  4. Screen printers use a spot paint process instead of ink on your shirts, which produces a very high quality image on your shirts

At You Design It, we are here to help you create the design you want without changing your design completely. So, if you want your million dollar design for under a million dollars, we would love for you to give us a call and see how we can make the design work you.