How to Make Cheap Custom T-Shirts

In today's economy, we all have to watch our spending with a little more scrutiny. Getting custom printed t-shirts is one area where you can save by knowing the factors that are involved with the pricing. One of the best ways to beat the system and lower your cost is to order your t-shirts online. This method of purchasing is relatively new and can save you a lot of time and headaches as well.

One of the best ways to immediately start saving money when customizing t-shirts is find a business that allows you to use their design tools to create your artwork for free. Art charges and custom graphic designing can get excessive quickly where in some cases the art can end up costing more than the shirts. It is not uncommon for designers to charge upwards of $75 per hour. These fees on top of the materials and labor can easily balloon out of control. Here are a few resources to help you with designing on the cheap:

  • Vecteezy - Here are some free vectored clipart options.
  • DaFont - A great website for free fonts.
  • Mintees – An inspirational t-shirt design community.
  • Vector Magic - A great resource for vectoring artwork.

The next step in creating your custom t shirts for cheap is to select quality brands that don't charge a premium for the name. In the T-shirt printing industry, there are tons of shirt brands to choose from and you want to make sure you get a balance of high quality and low price. Don’t just choose a brand because of its popular name.

Many of the more common brands are made in some of the same factories as a higher end names. It is not an uncommon practice to slap a different tag in the same shirt as its more expensive counterpart. So don’t get caught up in brand names when you are looking to design cheap printed t-shirts.

Another major factor in determining the price of custom t-shirts is the printing. The number of colors printed on each location is a big part of the formula for pricing. A high amount of printed colors and multiple locations can jump the price up considerably. On the other hand, if you can keep your design down to one color and limit it to one or two locations, your shirts can end up being very inexpensive.

But if your t-shirt design calls for multiple colors and locations, there is still another way to lower your price per shirt. You will inevitably want a higher quantity of t-shirts. The more t-shirts ordered, the lower the price per shirt. So when placing an order in the future, be sure and ask for the next quantity price break to lower the price per t-shirt.

Finally, to save money on delivery….only order from t-shirt printers that offer free shipping. Why add more money to your order when it isn’t necessary? There are too many printers on the internet offering free shipping to not take advantage of it. One added bonus is that you can still get free shipping from an out-of-town printer faster than a local printer in most cases.

Ordering custom t-shirts does not have to be expensive. You also don't have to sacrifice quality to get you shirts on the cheap. Hopefully these tips can help you save money on your next t-shirt project.