Show Your School Spirit With A Stylish School T-Shirt

You don’t have to don a pair of pom-poms or wear a letterman’s jacket to be true to your school. Today, there are many different opportunities to immerse yourself in education and participate in extracurricular activities. It doesn’t matter if you are a member of the student council, an aspiring filmmaker or have a flair for marketing—your academic accomplishments should be a source of pride. The school you attend and the people you attend it with will have a lasting impact on your life. Getting involved and supporting your school will make your experience that much more enjoyable. Designing custom t-shirts is a great way to show your school spirit and make some money for your school or club at the same time.

Design For Demand

The first thing you will want to do is design a shirt that everyone will want to wear. Of course, you will want to incorporate your school colors into the design. If your school colors are blue and gold, however, you aren’t limited to these colors. Instead, you may want to use a white t-shirt and come up with a creative design using the school colors that really pops off of the crisp, white shirt. The more unique the design is the more demand there will be for it.

If your club or organization has a theme for the year, you will also want to use elements that reiterate the theme into the design of your t-shirt. You can quickly and easily upload your school’s logo, mascot or crest for use on the t-shirt. Artwork and other design elements can be placed on the front, the back or even the sleeve. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Have A Contest

A great way to get everyone excited about the new school shirt is to have a design contest. The student who comes up with the winning design should not only get a free t-shirt, but also a great prize. Getting others involved is a great way to foster creativity and build school spirit.

Size Matters

If you are selling shirts for a fundraiser, you will also want to make sure that it is available in a variety of sizes, including youth and adult. Often, parents and younger siblings also want to purchase shirts to wear and support your team or club. Similarly, you may want to consider offering different shirts for different genders. T-shirts don’t have to be big and boxy; there are a variety of styles that are cut to fit the curves of girls and women. The design can usually remain the same when you do this. Offering different styles simply makes the fit more flattering.

It is usually a good idea to order a few display samples in different sizes to have on display when you are selling school t-shirts. This will help people choose the right size and answer any questions about the exact color or design as well.

Show Your True Colors

There are a variety of different ways that school shirts can be used to show spirit. You may want to consider purchasing shirts in three or four different colors and designate one color for the freshman class, one for the sophomores, one for the juniors and another for the senior class. You can then have competitions throughout the year to see which class has the most school spirit. The award may simply be bragging rights or they could win prizes for class members. This is popular for everyone to get involved and the school wins as a whole.

School shirts in different colors can also be used to pump up fans and generate excitement for sporting events. More and more professional sports teams are promoting “black outs” and “white outs” where fans are encouraged to wear team gear in a certain color. Many schools are following suit—students love it!

Create Memories

Many schools choose to list the members of a graduating class on the back of a school shirt. This is a great way to commemorate a pivotal year of life. For a more personal touch, you could gather the signatures of class members, scan them and place them in a digital file. The signature file can then be uploaded along with any other artwork, including the school logo. Don’t forget to include the school year on the shirt.

Younger children may enjoy having blank space on the shirt where they can personally sign their own names. Elementary schools that do not publish yearbooks often do this on a field day or the last day of school. Even if your school offers yearbooks, many young children still prefer to sign a shirt.

Get It Done

School t-shirts are a great way to promote unity and show school spirit. It doesn’t matter if you prefer long sleeves or short sleeves; red, black, white, blue or yellow. If you take the time to design a shirt that is unique to your club or organization, it will be truly meaningful to those who wear it. If you are having trouble coming up with a design, feel free to contact us. We can help you select the right colors and guide you through the design process. We know that sometimes the purchasing policies of school districts require a lot of lead time to get through all of the red tape which can often leave you short on design and delivery time. If you require a quick turnaround time to get your shirts in time for a special event, we also offer expedited shipping options as well.