How To Design Soccer Shirts for Your Team and Fans

Soccer is a sport that is popular around the world. From young kids to adults, male and female, millions of people from all countries have enjoyed playing and watching the sport of soccer. A huge benefit of this sport is that people of all ages and all skill levels can enjoy it. You don’t need to be a professional to really be able to fully enjoy this great sport. Even those who don’t play can get into the enthusiasm by simply watching. And with indoor soccer leagues and AYSO leagues for young children, anyone can fully partake of the fun atmosphere. You can even show your support by wearing a shirt from your favorite local soccer team. If you are looking to design and make shirts for your favorite soccer team, don’t forget to consider the following things before you finalize your design and make your order.

Pick The Right Color

Don’t just pick a random color for the background of your shirts. Eventually you will add a design and print, but the first step is to choose a color for the shirt that fits in with your team or group. If you are designing for a school, use the school colors for your shirts. Your fans will learn to associate your team with certain colors. If you are designing shirts for a group intramural league, pick a color that is relevant to the group. For example, if a group of employees from Bob’s Gas Station are playing, pick a color that is relevant to the company, or even the color from the company logo. Don’t pick random colors that are not associated with your team.

Pick The Right Fabric

If you are designing shirts for players to actually wear when they are playing soccer, consider using moisture wicking tees or other athletic performance shirts for your athletes to wear. These shirts work by pulling moisture away from the body and soaking it into the shirt rather than on the body of the athlete.

Along with choosing the right material to increase the performance of your players, you may also want to consider the climate and weather where you live when you choose which shirts to order. If your players are playing in colder weather, a long sleeved shirt will be optimal. If it’s a summer league and the weather is warmer, short sleeves or tank tops will be more comfortable. This is true with the shirts you offer to your fans or supporters also; if it is a colder time of year, offer them a long sleeve shirt or even a sweatshirt.

Pick The Right Design

When you are coming up with a design for your soccer shirts, only use clipart or graphics that relate to the sport of soccer. If your team has a logo or mascot, you may also choose to use graphics of those things. By adding a logo or company name, you announce whom you represent to all your fans. This also gives companies a chance to advertise sponsorship if they have donated money to your team. Make your shirts relevant to the sport of soccer in order to make them better advertisements. This will also makes your fans more likely to buy them. Fans who love soccer will purchase a shirt that shows their love for the sport.

Pick The Right Information

Include relevant and important information on your shirts. A good example of a piece of information to use would be the location of where your team plays. You could also include different dates and times of your future games in order to give fans a reference for attending. Make sure to not overcrowd your shirts, but provide relevant information in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and encourages your fans to come support your team.

Pick The Right Players

When you order soccer shirts for your team, consider adding names and numbers for specific players. This helps to give each player a form of ownership within the team. And fans love to watch their favorite player from the stands and cheer them on. Numbers can help to identify a player, but adding a number and a name ensures that everyone will know who made that perfect kick or that amazing goal. If you are going to be selling your shirts to your fans, remember that fans love to wear the jersey or shirt of their favorite player. This is true whether the player is a professional or a young boy whose mother loves to have his name on her shirt.

Pick The Right Print Color

Your first step was to pick the background color for your shirts, and hopefully you chose one that is relevant to your team and reminds people of your team. Now it’s time to choose the print color. No matter what you decide to print on your shirts, choose a print color that compliments the background color. Don’t print dark on dark or light on light. Choose contrasting colors that highlight the words and the design on your shirts. Experiment with different color schemes to pick the perfect print color to complement your shirts.

Be Creative With Your Design

When you are designing your soccer shirts, don’t hesitate to be creative and explore different possibilities. You may be surprised what you come up with when you start experimenting with different colors and designs. If you have questions or concerns about your shirts, please feel free to contact us. To discuss pricing strategies or specific shipping options for your order, get in touch with us as soon as possible.