How To Design T-Shirts For Your Club

When you have a love for animals, video games, motorbike racing or collecting classic automobiles, it is fun to share that enthusiasm with others who feel the same way. Clubs and other organizations are a fantastic way for you to share your excitement and passion for a specific activity, hobby, or team. At times you may be involved in a special cause with a group of other people who are also devoted to that cause. Students who are participating in school sports or an after-school club enjoy the chance to become part of a team, sharing common bonds and creating friendships.

T-Shirts Create Unity, Publicity, and Memories

Many teams and clubs will use t-shirts which have been designed to symbolize the values of the group to remind individuals of the group’s goals. T-shirts are also used to heighten awareness of the group’s chosen cause or to inspire support of a team from the community. T-shirts with team members’ names, dates of the group’s activities, or a club’s logo will be treasured long after the activities themselves have become memories.

When you are in charge of planning the design of t-shirts for your team or club, there are some important strategies to keep in mind. These ideas and choices can help you to design an effective and memorable t-shirt for your group.

Choose the Colors of the T-Shirts

One of the first things that people will notice about your t-shirts is the color. You may choose a color that is tied to the club logo or which represents certain values that your group holds. If your club is sponsored by a school, then you may choose the school colors for your t-shirts. Other ideas may come from community sponsors, your club motto, or the season of your event. You may also want to consider choosing bright colors specifically to attract attention to your club members during outings or activities.

Consider Your Options in T-Shirt Style

A bird-watching club in the mountains of Idaho may want to choose a different type of t-shirt than the beach volleyball group in Southern California. Groups who are giving volunteer service during the summer months may prefer cooler shirts while volunteers working with the homeless during colder weather may want to have long sleeves and heavier fabric. Choose a t-shirt style that will be appropriate for the season, the purpose of your club activities, and the environment or weather during your activities.

Add Clipart and Other Graphics to Represent Your Club

The color or colors that you chose for your group’s t-shirts will act as the foundation or base upon which the rest of your images and words will rest. Choosing the right graphics to represent your club or group is important. If you really want the community to recognize your group when you are out in action, then a carefully chosen symbol is a must. Often the symbols chosen to represent groups have been carefully considered in order to remind individual group members of club values and goals. When you include those emblems on the t-shirt, you have a chance to keep those goals and values in the mind of your members.

Include Wording on T-Shirts to Convey Specific Information

Narrowing down the amount of words that you would like to include on your t-shirt may be a little tricky. Your club t-shirt provides an opportunity to have your say in a very public manner. Mottos, names, and themes are all popular on t-shirts. Other things that you’ll want to consider putting into writing are:

  • The name of your club.
  • The city or state where your club is based.
  • Your particular club chapter.
  • Any other affiliation your group has with other organizations, etc.
  • The year or date of your activities.

You may also want to consider fun quotes, popular jokes or simple anecdotes from past activities. Enjoy a little bit of creativity during this chance to express yourself.

Choose a Color for Your Images and Wording

As you are choosing a font and a font size, you will also want to carefully pick the color for your words and graphics. Be sure that the colors complement each other and provide enough of a contrast that the visuals can be clearly seen. You may want to consider this as an opportunity to include extra color on your t-shirts. If your school or group has multiple colors, for example, you could use one for the t-shirt itself and the other for the lettering.

An Extra Dose of Creativity

Once you have been able to outline the basics of your t-shirt, you can fill in the rest of the details with creativity. Consider ideas such as having your wording run from the front of the t-shirt to the back or place graphics in unexpected places. Have you chosen a long-sleeved t-shirt for a runners’ club? Maybe you’d like to include some words of encouragement just about the wrist. After you have carefully determined what you have to have included on the t-shirt, you’ll find that there is still a lot of room to get fun and inventive.

The Final Results

Most people find that the finished product which was created from their initial design is better than imagined. Team, club, and group members can show their group spirit, proudly display their affiliation, and share their excitement when wearing the new t-shirts.

One last thing to remember: The makers of t-shirts can answer your questions and respond to your concerns so that you can be sure everything is satisfactory. Do you need your order quickly? Ask for expedited delivery. Any other problems? Just give the t-shirt company a call to see what they can arrange for you.