Design Football Shirts For Your Favorite Team

Football is a sport that is enjoyed by men, women and children alike all around the country. Many Americans have discovered the joy they can feel when they participate in or watch this exciting sport. From peewee play to the NFL, everyone has a team they can become invested in and love. A great way to show support for your favorite football team, whether it be a professional one or your first grader’s football team, is to buy and wear t-shirts that advertise the team. If you are looking to design and offer these shirts on your own, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind during the process. Remember that the design of a t-shirt will reflect on the team, and you want to create a design that is appropriate and exciting. You also want a design that reaches out to supporters of the team and encourages them to buy and wear the product. When you are designing your football t-shirt, remember the following things.

Tips To Help With Your Design

The first helpful tip that you will want to remember concerns the color of the shirts you will choose. While you will design your own logo and print, the background color of the shirt will most likely be the first thing noticed by those in your community. Pick a color that reflects the colors of the team. Think of famous football teams that are popular. When you think of the Denver Broncos, the colors orange and blue probably come to mind. When you think of the San Francisco 49ers, you probably think of red and gold. You want this same type of association to happen with the t-shirts you design for your team. When people see your colors on a shirt, you want them to think of your football team.

Pick the Right Shirt

The second tip involves the setting in which you will be wearing the shirts. Are you designing shirts for the players themselves to wear? In younger leagues and flag football leagues, uniforms are typically athletic shorts with some type of team t-shirt. Because the players aren’t tackling each other, there is no need for pads. Because of this, the focus is on the t-shirt. When you design and order your shirts, think of the climate where you live. Will your players be playing in cold weather? If so, you may choose a longer sleeved shirt or one made of a heavier material. If your players are often in hot or humid weather, you will opt for shorts sleeves and a material that allows the skin to breathe a little better. Think of the weather during the season when you are choosing which shirts to order.

Use Graphics

Third, when you design your football shirts, remember to include clipart or graphics that are related to football. A design with the laces of a football incorporated is an example of this. Consider using the team mascot or the team logo. You want it to be obvious which sport you are playing or supporting, so make sure to use graphics and designs that are appropriate to the sport of football.

Include Your Team Name

Fourth, make sure to include the team name on your shirts. Players should have a feeling of belonging, and when you add him or her to your team you give them that feeling. Generic t-shirts don’t inspire the same amount of dedication and commitment that you will get from your players and fans when you add your team name to your shirt. Also consider including information about where and when the team will be playing in order to give fans a chance to come and support your team. Those who have a good time at your game will be able to repeat the process when it is easy to find the next game. You can use your shirts for advertising purposes and to get fans to your game to support your team when you print the locations and times of your future games.

Add Custom Names and Numbers

Fifth, you may want to add custom numbers and names to your t-shirts when you are working on your design. This gives each player an opportunity to shine. Every fan wants to be able to spot their favorite player, and when you add names and numbers you allow them to do this. You also increase the sense of teamwork when you give each player a spot on your team with their names on their shirts. Each player will get a kick out of seeing their name and favorite number printed on their backs.

Choose Colors that Contrast Well

Finally, remember to use a print color that compliments the print on the shirts. If the print is white or a lighter color, you will want to choose a darker background for your shirts. The opposite is true if you choose a darker color for the print. Allow the contrast to advertise your team name or the player’s individual name. Fans will have a hard time making out the names and numbers of the players if the background color and the print color are the same.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Creative

When you design shirts for your favorite football team, don’t be afraid to express your love for your team through your creativity. You can keep the simplicity of the design while still including a creative aspect. Take your time with a design that shows your love of the game and inspires fans to show their support. Call us if you have any questions or concerns with your custom t-shirts for your favorite football team. Contact us also to discuss pricing strategies and the shipping options you need to get your shirts on time.