How To Design T-Shirts For Your Basketball Team

In America, many people turn to sports as a form of exercise and even a chance to spend time with their buddies and people they care about. Many Americans have discovered the fun associated with playing certain sports. Basketball is one of the most prominent sports in American culture, and kids and adults across the entire country love to play this sport. Many have aspirations of turning it into a career, while some are just looking for a pick-up game to blow off some steam. In basketball, the only uniform you need is some shorts and a basketball t-shirt. These t-shirts also become great gifts to hand out to fans or to give to supporters of your team. When you are designing basketball t-shirts for uniforms or to give to your fans, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

1. Pick The Right Color

If your school colors are red and black, having a blue shirt for your basketball team doesn’t make much sense. When you pick the background color for your basketball t-shirt, you want to pick one that is affiliated with your group. Choose brighter colors in order to contrast better with the writing, and choose colors that people in your community will associate with your group. Your fans should not have to wonder which team they are watching – they should always know it by the colors you are wearing.

2. Pick Shirts That Are Appropriate For The Event

If you are going to be playing in the shirts, pick shirts that breathe well and are designed for athletics. Consider shirts that are more lightweight, or tank tops or sleeveless shirts for those you plan to play in. Your team won’t want to be weighed down with a heavy shirt that increases the amount they sweat. If you live in a cooler climate, and are planning to hand the shirts out to your fans, consider choosing a shirt that is long sleeved and warmer. For summer leagues or fans who live in warmer climates, choose a short sleeve t-shirt that can be worn anywhere.

3. Graphics

When you design your shirt, make sure that the design centers around the sport and the team. Choose clipart or graphics that include basketball themes. If you have a team logo or mascot, consider using pictures of those things on your shirts. Along with the color, observers should know what team they are watching by the shirts you are wearing. And your fans want shirts they can show to their friends that show their love of basketball – not just a plain t-shirt. Keep your designs simple, but make sure they reflect your love of the game.

4. Advertisements And Schedule

Consider using your shirts as a way to advertise your team’s schedule. Include information on the shirts that inform fans of what the team is and where and when they play. This is similar to how a band will design a shirt for a tour that includes tour dates and locations. This gives fans an opportunity to show up and show their support because they always know where and when your team will be playing. In this way, shirts are a great advertisement to draw support for your team. If your team plays in different locations every game, using shirts is also a simple way to make sure that each member and each fan knows where to be and at what time they need to arrive in order to support you. You can use your shirts similarly to how you would use a flyer advertising your schedule.

5. Names And Numbers

If you are designing and ordering shirts for the specific team players, consider printing their names and numbers on the back of the shirt. This allows for fans to identify the specific player they are there to support. You can also give away shirts with names and numbers, or sell them to fans with a favorite player. In this way, shirts are a great way to raise money for your team while your fans are able to show their love for each of your players. Adding names and numbers also makes it easier for referees and officials to identify the players when calls are made.

6. Print Color

When you choose a color for your shirts, make sure that the print color you choose complements the background color. For example, a dark blue shirt with black print does not allow for the print to be seen. If the background color you have chosen is lighter, use a dark color for the print. If you choose a dark background color, such as navy blue or black, choose a lighter color for print, such as white, in order for the print to be seen by all those who see the shirts. Even the fans that are seated in the top seats should be able to tell when their favorite player is on the court.

Show Your Support With Your Creativity

When you are designing shirts for your favorite basketball team, don’t be afraid to get creative! You can show your support for your favorite team with a design that is creative and fun and shows your love of the sport of basketball. Don’t be afraid to try different designs and color schemes before you settle on a final design. If you have any questions or concerns about your design or your order, feel free to contact us. Get in touch any time to discuss different pricing strategies or shipping options that you need to make sure your order is complete and is exactly what you wanted it to be.