How To Design Baseball Shirts

Are you in charge of a baseball team? Maybe you are a team parent or a member of a booster club. You may be the team coach or the school’s advisor to the team. Maybe you belong to an office team or other baseball association. Whichever scenario best fits your story, or if you have a set of circumstances not described, you are sure to need baseball shirts for your team.

Baseball Is a Sport for Everyone

Men and women, adults and children, teens, schools, mature fans, and brand new tee-ballers can all appreciate the national game. Baseball represents a tie to athletes and enthusiasts all over the country. What better way to unite fans, team members, and a supportive community than a custom made baseball t-shirt? Before you set out to order a set of shirts for your team or group, here are some helpful tips that may guide your decisions. As you keep this information in mind, you’ll be able to design the shirts that could serve as your team uniform, gifts to present to loyal fans, or fundraising shirts that your community can purchase to raise needed funds for your organization.

A Strategy to an Unbeatable Baseball Shirt

1. Choose a meaningful color for your shirts.

The color that you choose for your baseball t-shirts may be inspired by your team color. Maybe you would like to base the color on a supporting business or the organization from which your team has been collected. If you are playing in memory of a certain person or a cause, you may want to choose colors that represent those memories. Schools, companies, and families may all have colors that they would like to use when they are represented by a baseball team.

2. Which shirt style does your team prefer?

There are two really popular choices used by school, company, and neighborhood baseball teams. These two styles are typically raglan and ringer. The raglan tee is usually characterized by a white body with solid colored quarter length sleeves. This colored sleeve extends all the way to the collar and has an easy to recognize diagonal seam. This distinctive style is sometimes referred to as a “baseball shirt”.

The ringer t-shirt generally comes in one color with ribbing in a contrasting color. The most traditional color scheme included a white body with black ribbing. The t-shirt is made from jersey fabric. These shirts were very popular during the 1970s and lately have enjoyed a new popularity among high school and college student.

You’ll have to decide which of these shirt styles is most appropriate for your team.

3. Do you have graphics, clipart, or logos to include?

This is the perfect time to share your team logo or company graphic with your community. You may also want to consider displaying a graphic symbol that is clearly representative of your team. If you don’t have one that comes directly to mind, you may want to browse through selections of graphics in order to choose one that can represent your team.

4. Include team names or information on the shirts.

The words that you choose for your baseball t-shirts will have a big impact on the success of your team. They can serve to inspire teammates and to rally cheers from the fans. You might choose to include the name of the team or the community where the team plays. Another idea is to print a team motto on the t-shirts. Customizing each shirt takes team enthusiasm to a new level. You may want to put the name of each team member across the back of the shirt along with their number.

5. Choose a print color that contrasts or corresponds with the shirt color.

To complete the look of your team shirts, you want to be sure that the color you choose for your graphics and wording will complement the rest of the t-shirt. You may want to give this color the same consideration that you gave to your first choice of color. If you had a second color in mind, this may be the perfect place to include it.

A Winning Combination

The results of your careful planning should lead to a bold and exciting t-shirt for your team. With colors and logos to represent the goals and preferences of your team, the new shirts can pull your team together and draw applause from your fans. Even if you don’t receive quite that level of enthusiasm from your audience, you and your team will appreciate the uniform appearance you present in your matching t-shirts.

Sportsmanship, Tradition, and Dedication to the Sport

In the true spirit of baseball and tradition, you and your team will gather together for competitive sports in your coordinating shirts. Lined up in the dugout and assembled on the field, your team can be well represented in the t-shirts that have been carefully designed to express your team spirit and organization goals. Express the best qualities of sportsmanship and teamwork as you represent your team, group, or company. Stand up and represent your team well whenever you are wearing your team shirt and expect the same from your team members.

Our company is committed to the same quality of excellence that you expect from yourself. If you have questions or concerns about designing and ordering your shirts, please contact us for some helpful tips. When you need to discuss pricing options or shipping concerns, please give us a call.