Why Birthday T Shirts Are A Great Gift

No matter how young or old you are, you love to feel special on your birthday. Birthdays are special occasions to celebrate the lives of your loved ones, whether they’re friends or family. There are so many ways to add to the fun spirit of a birthday party, including festive decorations, a colorful cake, favorite snacks and beverages, music and games, and surrounding the birthday person with everyone he or she loves. Including custom t-shirts in a birthday celebration is a unique way to make the person feel honored, and to provide a lasting memory of the special day. What are some of the many ways in which custom t-shirts make great birthday gifts?

A special commemoration of the birthday and celebration.

There are certain years that are extra special milestones, such as the first birthday, the fifth, the tenth, 21st, and so on. Giving the birthday person a t-shirt to commemorate these milestones will give them a special keepsake that will bring back treasured memories of the celebration for years to come.

A unique party favor.

Maybe the birthday person has a favorite color or theme, or the party is being planned in a public place; in this case, the attendees of the party might all want to wear t-shirts that set the party apart and show everyone the reason for the celebration. Customized t-shirts to celebrate a special birthday make great photo opportunities, which in turn give everyone who attended the party their own memories of the event to keep.

They show that thought and care went into planning the festivities.

When someone takes the extra time to plan out and order a custom gift to reflect your tastes and celebrate your life, you feel special and loved. Custom t-shirts show the birthday person that the ones who planned the party care about them enough to take time and think about ways to make the celebration even more fun and memorable.

A great feel-good gift.

There’s just something about any kind of custom-made item that makes the recipient feel good about himself. What were some of the ways you can remember feeling loved and special when you received a gift? Chances are it’s not always the most expensive and lavish gift that first comes to mind, but instead was a present that took some time, thought, and effort into planning and ordering. Something that had a good deal of personal meaning behind it, and showed that you were cared about. Anything that’s going to make someone smile or laugh, like a custom ordered t-shirt, is going to make them feel great on their special day.

Personalized messages or light-hearted ribbing.

Maybe the birthday person has a funny catchphrase or a franchise or hobby they really love. You can incorporate that into a theme for their birthday party with their own special t-shirt, and matching shirts for the rest of the guests. It could be their 21st birthday, and you might want to make it known to everyone else in an amusing way that the birthday person has finally reached the legal age to party. Or perhaps it’s one of the more “somber” birthdays, like the 40th or 50th, and you want to mark the occasion with a black t-shirt and a humorous phrase like, “One Foot In The Grave.” Whatever the occasion, there’s no limit to the messages or teasing you can come up with to bring a light-hearted atmosphere to the celebration.

Easy to design.

There are unlimited options to design custom t-shirts in any color, pattern, size, or style, with just about any type of logo or phrase you’d like. Not too long ago, you were limited in your t-shirt options by whatever you could find at the store. With online designing and ordering, those days are past, and coming up with a one-of-a-kind shirt design is as easy as a few clicks of a button.


T-shirts have always been one of the most affordable types of gifts. And just about everyone loves getting new clothes! For generations, shirts and clothing have been some of the most popular and inexpensive choices for gifts of all occasions.

Rush delivery available.

It used to be that you’d have to order something weeks in advance in order for it to arrive on time for the celebration – or even longer in advance if you needed something custom-made. Not anymore. Most online businesses specialize in getting custom orders out within a couple of business days, or even on the same day. If you’re in a rush, you can almost always find a business that can get your order out to you in a timely manner.

When planning a birthday party, it shows an extra level of care and love when you include something custom-made into the festivities. Temporary options, such as a rented venue or a custom-made cake, are great to have, but don’t last longer than the day of the party. Providing something that can be used over and over, like a t-shirt commemorating the special day, will bring back fun memories every time it’s worn or looked at. We specialize in creating lasting memories for any event, with the timeless gift of custom t-shirts and clothing. If one of your loved ones has a special birthday coming up, contact us to order custom t-shirts that will make this one of his or her favorite celebrations ever. Be sure to order early to take advantage of our free shipping. We’re always available and happy to discuss any questions on our products or pricing, and to provide assistance in whatever way we can.