T Shirt Printing and Designing How To's

Here at You Design It we are dedicated to providing our customers, readers, and other site visitors with all the resources they need to be successful in their t-shirt and apparel related pursuits. What we have found is that very often we get inquiries from people who need help with something or who have questions about how to do something. We are always glad to talk to our customers by phone or email, but to make life a little bit easier on them, we thought it would be a good idea to create one central location on the site where we will post How To articles related to these topics.

Some of the topics we will like be covering include articles about how to start your own t-shirt business. This is a huge subject of interest for many of our visitors and that is why we will be providing informational guides that cover everything from branding, setting up a relationship with a screen printer, working on your designs, customer interaction, and much more! We feel very fortunate to be in the t-shirt business and we want to help others realize their dream too!

Another big topic that we get questions about on a regular basis is how to design the perfect artwork for a given project. That is why we will be posting articles relating to design and other concept creation. Some of these articles will be general and will apply to design as a whole, whereas others will be very specific and provide pointers for doing something in particular like designing t-shirts for a baseball team or a church group for instance. Design is one of the fundamentals of t-shirt creation and we can’t wait to share our ideas with you!

In addition to that we will also be covering how to guides for printing! This will include tips such as properly preparing your artwork for print so as to reduce the chance of errors and inconsistencies, as well as general ways to keep your printing cost down. We will also discuss some of the common limitations that you might run across for various types of prints and what you can do to help get the concept that you need. We want to do absolutely everything we can to help you get your order printed efficiently, economically, and with great quality results!

However in addition to these big topics there will be so much more in this How To section of the site! We are going to provide guides for an array of miscellaneous topics and we’re even willing to accept suggestions or topic ideas from our readers. That means that if you have a particular concern that you want addressed please don’t hesitate to let us know so that we can provide a thorough answer. After all if the question is something that is on your mind there is a good chance that others out there could benefit from an answer too. We want the How To section to be your first stop for any and all t-shirt related questions!

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